Nick Waterworth

Nick Waterworth | Founder & Executive Chair, Ambition Group Ltd
+61 2 9249 5004

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Hands-on leader of listed public company – we are striving to be the leading global boutique recruitment Group.

Nick is constantly on the lookout for talent to join our organisation in Australia, Asia or the UK, especially in business development, delivery/execution or talent sourcing: please get in touch.

Nick has in excess of 30 years in executive recruitment, covering Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

In 1999, Nick was one of the founders of Ambition Group Limited, along with Paul Lyons. He was instrumental in listing the company on the Australian Stock Exchange and developing the strategy for future growth.

In the early years of the Group, he helped establish the IT recruitment arm of Ambition and also AccountAbility, which specialises in accounting support recruitment around Australia.

Between 2007 and the end of 2013, alongside acting as a main board member, Nick worked as Managing Partner for Watermark Search International, the Group’s executive search offering.

In January 2014, Nick returned to the role of Executive Chairman and is now leading a team of 6 experienced Divisional Managing Directors around the world.