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The catalyst in ambition's transformation

​Over the last three years at Ambition, the business has made a 180-degree turn, continuing to strengthen year on year. This ultimately comes down to our new and improved company culture – one which you would struggle to find anywhere else within the recruitment industry.  

We feel that we are creating headway and building a path for change within recruitment. Now, it is always a collective effort, “it takes a village” right? Right, but we have been led by a visionary, someone who has decided that TRUST above all, is a top priority for our culture as it breeds a sense of safety.

Our team has flourished with motivation, and innovation and right now, Ambition is a really exciting place to be. Our Admin team is split across two countries, our Marketing team across three states; consultants working remotely and in person – whether in the same room or not, culture is strong, collaboration and support are high, and pressure is low.

Our Managing Director Adam Forster first came onto the scene as an interim, deciding to take on “the opportunity of showing a group of young people that were hating recruitment how good the industry can be.” Adam created a vision and soon started implementing changes to create a new working environment that meant that this group of young people were no longer “hating” their jobs.  

After such a phenomenal achievement, Adam decided to stay because of the culture that had been created. 

This is exactly the business I would build if I started from scratch. No secrets and BS, far less obstacles (it’s hard enough already, we shouldn’t be making it harder!) and lots more of the good stuff. 

On the 2nd of October, we celebrated Adam’s three-year anniversary and reached out to a few members of the team who have been here since day dot to share some of their experiences with Adam. 

"Three years ago last month, Adam joined Ambition. Congrats to him on this milestone, and congrats to us for hiring a fantastic leader! Adam goes above and beyond in terms of helping people fulfil their potential and be the best version of themselves in all aspects of their lives, not just work. As Managing Director for Ambition and AccountAbility in Australia, he has designed/implemented a thoughtful strategic and tactical plan… and had the Pied Piper skills to take the team with him on the journey.

In terms of both productivity and engagement, the Australian business has literally never been in better shape in our 23 years in business. Thanks so much, Adam… “Here’s cheers” to the next three!" - Nick  Waterworth, Founder & Executive Chair, Ambition Group Ltd

"Adam has many outstanding qualities as a leader which have completely transformed Ambition and led us through the challenging pandemic era. His ability to build relationships; ability to demonstrate capability & credibility; his transformation skills – among others. 

If I had to pick one – he is an empathetic, considerate person with outstanding listening skills and there for you through all kinds of situations. From being a de facto mortgage/house purchasing advice to a relationship therapist, to sitting with me for 30 mins providing a balanced and supportive ear when a couple of deals fell through. It’d be no exaggeration to say he’s a rock, not just for me, but for everyone in the business.

Adam is a forward-thinking leader who has made the business really flexible - so adaptable around the pandemic and people's lives. This has created a non-clock watching and fully hybrid environment which is totally different from the old Ambition! Around the lockdown era, I got into triathlons, and the fact we are so flexible means I can fit my training in so much more easily. The feel-good feeling I get with training for triathlon MASSIVELY helps me do my job better - so thanks to Adam for engineering this."  - Paul McCann, Divisional Lead, Technology & Business Transformation, Ambition

"Adam genuinely cares about everyone as an individual, regardless of rank or reputation. I swear he thinks about how to improve people’s life at home in his spare time, it’s not normal. It’s like having a personal life coach on speed dial. He’s a friend, not a boss, and the impact he’s made on me has been significant.

The parental leave policy he introduced has been a game changer for me having just started a family. It would have to be one of the best in the industry. I wasn’t only allowed but was encouraged to relocate permanently to the Northern Rivers and work remotely full-time. Despite not being in the office as much, through paid team activities, work trips, and a steady flow of birthday/anniversary gifts in the mail, I’ve never felt more part of the team. If you told me a few years ago I’d be flown down to sit with my colleagues in the boardroom meditating before work I would have probably fallen off my chair.. but here we are. After being with the business for more than 10 years, I’ve never felt more happy and motivated.' – Charlie Fitzroy, Principal Consultant, Banking & Financial Services, Ambition

"Prior to Adam joining the Ambition business, the Sydney and Melbourne offices operated very separately - I hardly knew anyone in Sydney despite being here at that time for over a year. Nowadays we catch up every Friday for a quick "around the grounds" to share in each other's success as well as offer any leads that can support the other sides of the business.

Part of what Adam has brought into the Ambition business is a sense of community. Even though I am in Melbourne and him in Sydney, Adam and I have a personal relationship and he has supported my career growth through a promotion, and a change of desk whilst allowing me the space to learn my area before any expectations are set. He has brought even the Melbourne business closer together through fitness activities, monthly pride breakfasts, and meditation mornings to name a few things!'  - Lucy  McDonald, Senior Consultant, Technology, Ambition

"I work in Corporate Services, in the Finance team.  From talking to people in similar industries, I know that often there is an ‘invisible wall’ between Corporate Services and Sales.  This could not be further from the truth at Ambition.  I would say with certainty, that the reason for this is that Adam leads by example and values every employee here – it’s not spoken words, it’s actions and it’s so bloody great to be a part of a team that lifts each individual up and celebrates individual success together!

I have this lingering need to 'inform' or 'ask' for a shift in office/home days, or for time off for an appointment to take my children to the doctor and after-school activities. I often say "I'll make up the hours after they're in bed". The hardest thing to get used to here is that Adam doesn't care. I mean, he does care.... but he doesn't care about the hours I'm working. He has trust in me, that I can get the work done, and I can rearrange my own hours to suit my needs at work, and at home! He cares that I have sufficient "me time" and "family time". He encourages it, daily! I don't need to worry about running late to pick up the kids, or taking half an hour to watch my son do his Karate class. I'm not stressed out trying to find childminders to cover the school sick days, or if said childminders go on holiday, and I have to do the weekly swim classes! It's empowering, having the flexibility to combine a career with the added responsibilities, and pressures of being a mum." – Kat McNee, Finance Business Partner - Australia

"When Adam joined the business, we had strong performers, but we were working in siloes – there was a hole where the heart of the business should be. A lot of companies discuss values or vision, but they are just motivational platitudes that don’t mean anything to employee engagement & experience. Attrition often occurs because recruiters have no attachment to their organisation, other than in relation to their desk and commission. What Adam has created is a cooperative of equals, who have the autonomy to run their business whenever or wherever, in return for a commitment to connecting, respect & care for our colleagues.

For a tenured employee like myself – who had been through both triumphs & failures - it was a reset to have a new appreciation for the business; to become engaged with colleagues in our entire office network. It was the opportunity to experience a model of high performance & inclusion – no divas, as no matter what your job function you will always be valued by Adam. This comes with accountability – also a solid name for a recruitment company – as there is an expectation that we show up for one another, both personally & professionally. However, the incentives, automations and enhancements Adam has implemented within the business mean that this is actually fun. He has created a culture that people find it difficult to leave & makes former talented employees want to return." – Michael Dowds, Client Services Manager, AccountAbility

It's safe to say that everyone at Ambition and AccountAbility is appreciative to be working here and grateful to Adam for his leadership. Thank you Adam for all that you have done in these past three years, congratulations on the huge achievement and we look forward to celebrating many more with you.

If you are interested in working for Ambition, contact our People & Culture Manager Linda McEvilly today.

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