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Dream Team 2024: “It’s always better when we’re together"

This year was special, our team travelled to Bali in Indonesia to share their trip with the Dream Team winners from our Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong & Singapore offices. All of our most ambitious and highest achievers from Australia and Asia coming together to celebrate their success and achievements of the past year. This was the first time that the majority had all met each other in person, and as expected, in the Ambition way, the team had a ball.

What is the Dream Team?

‘Dream Team’ is an all-expenses paid trip to an exotic location as a “thank you” to the highest performing members of the group (both sales and back office). Getting together with peers who share the same appetite for success and experiencing new things.

Why we believe in the 'Dream Team​'

A word from our sponsor… Adam Forster, Managing Director – Australia

“Our annual Dream Team trip isn't just about visiting an exotic tropical location for a few cocktails. It's about sharing time with colleagues, high performers in their own right, creating stories together and strengthening working relationships. Those people may be from other locations, countries or cultures but they all share some common bonds in terms of passion for their work, a great attitude and willingness to learn and improve. That might seem like a random or pointless thing to many recruiters who are either treated like or behave like, numbers or cogs in a machine. But I've always believed a sense of belonging to something bigger than ourselves is a vital pillar in finding purpose and happiness, especially at work.. and if you can have a great time in the process, so much the better.”

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This is what our Dream Team trip meant to our winners this year…

As I was chairman’s pick I really appreciated that I could attend not based on billings alone, but that other efforts and hard work is also valued and noticed. It also means a lot that Ambition recognises their staff and their contribution, celebrating success."' – Yolande Maritz, Principal Consultant

"It was special to meet everyone in person", especially the AUS team!" – Yiing Shyuan Lian, Senior Accounts Receivable Officer

"Despite not playing golf for around 4 years, I was invited to a game that Chris Auckland & Matt Cooper were having, and I definitely have the bug back. We played on Indonesia's finest course, played some average golf, but lots of great laughs and possibly a couple of beers too ... Also, the dinner on Friday night... unbelievable. Surprisingly the spicy chicken soup was soup-erb! There is no limit on the number of consultants going on Dream Team... everyone can qualify. My goal is to have even more people from the Sydney (& Aus) business on Dream Team this time next year so we can all get to enjoy this fantastic treat." - Chris Crolla, Director – Sydney

"For me, the trip is an amazing recognition for all of the hard work I do, whether I bill my way there or not I think it is important as a senior leader in Ambition to be able to get to know other teams and spend time with the local teams too." – Kylie Blackwell, Director – Melbourne

"So many highlights; the dinners each night, the hotel and staff were amazing, Kylie and I also had the best massage I have ever had! The main highlight I would say is how great it was for everyone to be together from different offices and enjoying each other’s company, getting to know people better on a personal level. Everyone got on so well, and how welcoming people are. It is so refreshing to see the culture we have here in Aus is the same in the other offices." – Gina Morley, Divisional Lead - AccountAbility

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​Dream Team 2025 is well underway, and we can't wait to celebrate our new dreamers next year!

If you are ambitious and interested in becoming a winner with us here at Ambition, check out our Work For Us hub and Careers page today!

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