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10 things I have learnt from working in the same company for 10 years.

​Last month I celebrated my 10-year anniversary working for Ambition Group (Ambition & AccountAbility), something I’m super proud of because tenure in any company, let alone a sales-based company, seems to be less common these days.

Not only have I grown up at Ambition, I have also been afforded the opportunity to relocate from London to Sydney, make a career change from sales to back office and even met my husband and many dear friends and colleagues along the way.

Most recently I have re-entered the working world as a parent, and I couldn’t speak highly enough of the support, flexibility and desire to succeed that I have received from the company, especially as an ex-pat with no family support here to help at home.

​I cannot thank everyone enough for the opportunities I have had whilst working for this company, but for this article today I wanted to run with the theme of 10 and share 10 things I’ve learnt from working in the same company for 10 years.

1. You really can make your own opportunities.

If you want something in life you have to be prepared to go out and get it yourself. Don’t be complacent and think that opportunities will be handed to you. Everyone is running their own race and it’s up to you to run yours. Be clear on your goals, take responsibility, make a plan and work towards it every day.

2. Be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

Some of the best skills I have learnt over the years have required me to be a beginner, and that means not being very good at the start but being dedicated to putting the work in to get better.

As someone who used to give up easily in my younger years, it took me a long time to be okay with that “I’m not very good at this” feeling. As soon as you give yourself the grace to learn a new skill and put the work in consistently, you will get better, and your options will open.

3. The myth of the lone genius.

I only came across this recently and it really struck a chord. Throughout history we idolise great minds across the arts, science and all areas of culture. However, in many cases collaborating with others was key to helping them get to ‘idol’ status. Michelangelo, for example, worked with a team of assistants to paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling but we often think of him alone attempting this feat.

Surround yourself with people you trust and trust you, continuously network, collaborate with others and seek out mentors. We all need support, a sounding board from time to time and to bounce ideas.

4. Share in others' success and see what you can learn from them.

I enjoy seeing others do well but sometimes in a competitive environment, it can be difficult to share that joy when you might not be doing particularly well yourself. What I’ve come to learn is no-one has it easy and by sharing in others' success you are building relationships and opening up a dialogue to learn from them.

Some of the best high-performing billers I have come across are incredibly humble and are always open to learning more.

Remain humble and remain the student – learn from everyone, always.

5. Be open to change and seek it out.

Change can sometimes be another form of feeling uncomfortable, but being open to new ideas, adapting and innovating is key to longevity. As the saying goes “change is the only constant”.

Always ask yourself questions, for example;

  • Is there a better way to do something?

  • Why is this crazy idea impossible?

  • How can we achieve the same result in a different way?

  • What new technology is out there that can help me?

Which leads me on to…

6. Don’t shy away from new technology.

It can be daunting when you aren’t particularly tech-savvy but try to embrace new tech with an open mind. Take the time to learn how to use it properly, test it out and give it a fair go before you write it off completely.

7. True flexibility is liberating – but it’s a two-way street.

Flexibility is a word that is banded around a lot these days, but true flexibility requires effort and transparency on both sides, innovative thinking and trust.

I recently came back to work after maternity leave. We had a heap of childcare issues and to have the flexibility and support from my leadership team made an extremely stressful situation a whole lot better. I genuinely wouldn’t have been able to do it without the flexibility and technology we have at Ambition today.

8. Culture is an inside job.

Working in the same company for 10 years you see a lot of shifts in culture and different people’s perception of what a good culture is. What I’ve come to realise is good culture doesn’t just happen because your managers take you to the pub once a week, or you get an incentive trip to Bali (although those things are nice too!).

Good culture comes from everyone taking responsibility for their part, supporting each other and working hard to build something that helps us to be the best version of ourselves.

It shouldn't be a hard place to leave, it should be a great place to stay!

9. Make sure you always fill your cup.

High-performing environments can offer a heap of benefits, but at times they also require resilience and some mental toughness. The recruitment industry is often referred to as “champagne and razor blades” because of the highs and lows.

At Ambition, we try to educate our employees on how to better manage the highs and lows, resilience and to ensure your cup is always full of the things that bring you joy. We do this by providing a range of extra tools, some of which include.

  • Appointed and trained mental health officers in each office.

  • Workshops with a nutritionist.

  • Breathwork sessions.

  • Group Pilates classes.

  • A variety of support tools through HR and our Employee Assistance Program.

And finally…

10. The vision and values start at the top.

One of the main reasons I have stayed in the same company for so long is the leadership. Across the group they truly believe in Building Better Futures, our PRIDE values (Passion, Resourcefulness, Integrity, Drive and Enjoyment) and the engagement of their employees. This is consistently measured, communicated and acted upon.

In summary, I don’t think any of the above is rocket science but more of a reminder that working hard, having the right support and tools and enjoying what you do can be a formula for success. And I have certainly enjoyed it so far!

​If any of the above resonated with you and you would like to explore opportunities at Ambition, then please do not hesitate to contact me or view our work for us pages for more information on life at Ambition.

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