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Company Promotion; Building blocks; photo of Julian Soames

Promotion: Julian Soames

Growing from within!

Recently we celebrated our very own Julian Soames being promoted to Associate Director.

Julian joined Ambition back in 2010 and has been an integral part of the Banking & Finance team ever since. Honing his already extensive knowledge in the market he is known as the recruiter of choice for many organisations across the industry! Julian leads by example, does the hard yards, and is always there to support the less experienced members of the team.

Taking out the win for ‘Top Billing consultant’ and the ‘Corporate Services MVC (most valuable consultant)’ awards for 2021, just goes to show how he turns up for work every day and the impact he makes to not only the Melbourne office but to the wider business.

Julian demonstrates our PRIDE values on a day-to-day basis and is often nominated for our monthly PRIDE award.


Some of the nominations he has received:

“Julian is a dream to work with, he is engaged, does the work required and always has our best interests at heart. I have really appreciated his support since joining the Ambition team and he is always happy to take on anything that is asked of him.”

“I think having worked from home for the past 6 months, the other members in the team have been really able to get to know Jules, being on meetings every day, seeing how competitive he is with our games etc… and just getting to know him more.”

“Julian Soames – Wow, what a machine! Jules is a seasoned recruiter, he applies all of our values to his day-to-day job! It isn’t easy working in a lockdown, however, Jules is able to reinvigorate himself month in month out, to make sure he performs at the highest level!”

Congratulations Jules, here's to the next milestone!

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