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How will the recent changes to working holiday visas reshuffle the market?

Hiring top-quality candidates has become much more competitive in the last few years, and as a result, companies across various industries face significant hiring challenges.

The utilisation of contracting/temporary staff which ties in with recent visa changes can provide a solution to alleviate excessive workloads and hiring concerns.

Recently, Working Holiday Visas have poured back into Australia at a rate not seen before the pandemic. This and recent visa changes can provide hiring solutions for companies in Sydney and Melbourne.

Working Holiday Visas: A Valuable Resource for Businesses

One effective solution to overcome staffing challenges lies in the use of working holiday visas. Australia has a well-established working holiday visa program, allowing individuals from eligible countries to work in Australia for up to 12 months, with most extending to 24 months (and now 36). This presents a unique opportunity for businesses to tap into a diverse pool of international talent seeking short-term employment.

By considering candidates on working holiday visas, companies can bring in skilled professionals who are eager to contribute and gain valuable experience while filling critical roles within their finance and technology teams.

Over the years Ambition Group has received excellent feedback on the vast majority of working holiday visas from our clients.

Harnessing Overseas Talent

With the availability of working holiday visas becoming more abundant after border restrictions were lifted over a year ago businesses can adopt a solutions-based approach to address their hiring challenges.

By actively considering overseas talent, companies in Sydney and Melbourne gain access to a diverse pool of professionals with qualified skills and perspectives.

Leveraging contractors from overseas can bring fresh ideas, innovation, and global insights to the table, fostering a dynamic and collaborative work environment. Contractors can often bridge skills gaps and drive growth within their finance and technology teams.

Recent WHV Changes

The free trade agreement between the UK & Australia, now means that from 1st July this year, candidates coming to Australia from the UK can obtain 3 years on their working holiday visa (previously 2 years). There is also no longer an obligation to do regional/farmwork to obtain the visa making the prospect more attractive to many.

This change also coincides with an increase in the age limit to apply for a working holiday visa. Previously the age limit was at 30 years old, but this has now been increased to 35 years old.

Contracting Advantage

As the end of the financial year approaches, the contracting conversation becomes particularly relevant for businesses seeking flexible staffing solutions.

Contracting offers numerous benefits, including the ability to quickly onboard specialised professionals for specific projects during this peak period. This agility allows companies to overcome resource shortages and deliver on critical business objectives.

Moreover, with the fluctuating demands of the finance and technology sectors, contracting enables organisations to scale their teams up or down as needed, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.


Our Associate Director - Technology & Business Transformation, Melbourne - Ming Cheung gave the following update on the current conditions in hiring contractors.

“It seems that the market for contractors has experienced a shift in the past few months. Many clients are taking advantage of the additional skills available,

This changing landscape has led to increased availability of high-quality contractors if clients are willing to be flexible both on rates and locations of where these contractors will do the work from.

For organisations seeking to engage high-performing contractors, this presents a favourable situation as they can now access top talent”.


By recognising the value of contractors and recent visa changes, organisations can turn their hiring challenges into opportunities.

The availability of working holiday visas, coupled with the flexibility provided by contracting arrangements, enables businesses to access skilled professionals, overcome resource shortages, and drive success during critical periods like the end of the financial year.

By embracing the possibilities offered by overseas talent, companies can build agile, diverse, and high-performing teams, ensuring they remain competitive in an ever-changing market.

​If you are looking to explore the contracting world, feel free to reach out to me here for a confidential chat.

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