My background:

After graduating from University in Edinburgh I decided to travel around SE Asia and Australia. I loved Australia from the word go but wanted to try my hand in London. Being a new grad with limited opportunities in finance (which I had graduated in) during the GFC and feeling the urge to make money quickly I decided that recruitment may be the way forward.

There I picked up the basics of recruitment and grew into a consulting role where I was specialising in internal audit recruitment.

With the Australian dream in the back of my mind I could not fight the urge any longer and towards the end of 2012, I decided to travel the east coast of Australia before starting with Ambition in early 2013.

Ambition always had a place in my heart as it is where I “grew up”. After leaving the business in 2017 I returned in 2021 to the role of Client Engagement Director.

I am interested in & love watching and playing just about any sport; football (or soccer), rugby, cricket, golf, f1 (although not so good at playing that one), and just keeping active in general.

I love going on coastal walks at the weekend but also saving some time just to chill out and relax. I really enjoy hosting client events and run a number of quizzes, round tables, and sporting events throughout the year.

My role:

My role is to take a load off my client’s mind so that they have less to worry about and can essentially sleep easier at night knowing that their recruitment is in the right hands. To be that one point of contact, sounding board and hiring / market consultant.

I love to develop our relationships with existing clients and look for new businesses who truly want to build a partnership with us, meaning that we get better business, the client gets a better service, and we both get a better-quality relationship.

As part of this development, it is important for me that our clients have a chance to meet to discuss current market issues and topics, as well as also have fun. Therefore, I host a range of client events from informative events, round tables to networking and whiskey tasting to sporting events.

I support our teams nationally in Sydney & Melbourne across all sectors.

In this role not only am I responsible for managing and expanding our current accounts and developing new partnerships, but my goal through this is also to increase revenue for the business and consultants. I am also here to lend advice and support to consultants and the business from my many years of recruitment experience.

There is nothing worse than receiving bad service and then having to pay for it. I love working with clients and have a real passion to develop relationships - I care deeply about the quality of service my clients receive and strive to make sure that this is a top priority of mine.

For me, success is when a client continues to come back to us for sustained service due to the quality output that they have received.