As the Director of the Sydney business at Ambition & AccountAbility I provide our consultants and team leaders with unequivocal support, guidance, coaching and direction. I lead all of our Sydney teams including accounting support, qualified finance, technology & transformation. I started my recruitment journey in London in 2011 and have worked my way up from starting a resourcer in internal audit.

I accidentally fell into recruitment in 2011 in London. I was a grad who wanted to make money quickly and had heard that recruitment was a good way to do just that.

I honed my craft there but having travelled throughout Aus in 2010, the Australian dream was in the back of my mind and hadn't really let go. I decided to return to Australia in late 2012, and I was lucky enough to get a job as a recruitment consultant at Ambition in 2013, where I would be focussing on a contracting desk in Accounting & Finance.

From here I grew into a Senior Consultant before being promoted to Manager.

I loved being part of the Ambition family. Ambition was where I "grew up" after all, and despite leaving in 2017 I returned in 2021 in a Client Engagement Director role.

This was everything I wanted in a role, talking with businesses about how we could best partner together, negotiating terms and of course, the social aspect is pretty good too! 🙂 

In late 2023, I was promoted to the Director role in our Sydney business.

With this role, I get the joy of watching people succeed. Not only in their jobs with us but in their life as well. Watching people grow, being given the freedom in which to make mistakes, to grow and to overcome challenges is very rewarding and I love that about this role.

I also love our culture here and our theory around being able to bring your best self to work. If you are happy at work you will be happy in life (and vice versa) after all.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family. I met my wife at Ambition in 2015 by the way. We now have a Son called Charlie who we adore and love to spend time with. He also keeps us pretty active. I am also a big armchair sports fan, Formula 1, NRL, Football, MMA, Golf - you name it, I like it