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Promotion: Owen Marquis

​We love seeing our people grow!

We're thrilled to announce Owen Marquis has recently been promoted to Senior Consultant!

Owen joined the Melbourne Ambition team approximately 3 weeks prior to Covid lockdown, and what a ride it’s been.  Since day one, I have been impressed with Owen’s ability to build relationships, firstly with a team he barely knew and had to build via video and secondly with his clients and candidates.  Owen is up there with the best I have seen in regards to building relationships, this is all down to the type of person he is.  He is warm, personable and most importantly genuine.  Since January 2021, Owen has managed to become an expert in the Business Analytics, Data and general IT and has placed several senior candidates into permanent opportunities in one of the most challenging candidate short markets I have ever worked in.  I am delighted to announce Owen’s promotion to Senior Consultant and feel blessed to have him as part of our team. 

Well done Owen, here's to many more milestones to celebrate!

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