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Dream Team 2020

​Our team is made up of hardworking individuals who actively make a huge impact on our business, but each year we celebrate the best of our people by sending them off for an all expense paid trip to show our appreciation for all their hard work.

Our Ambition & AccountAbility Dream Team is inclusive of our front and back office staff across all our offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Due to COVID-19 our plans needed to be somewhat adaptable, but we're thrilled to have been able to finally send off our Dream Team on their well deserved reward!

A huge congratulations to our 2020 Dream Team winners:

Adam Forster, Managing Director of Australia, explains just what makes our 2020 winners so extraordinary.

"Not all of our high performers are in billing roles.

Whilst we have a number of very high performing recruiters, several others have played exceptional leadership or support roles for us during the pandemic. It was epic to celebrate their achievements with them all this past weekend in the Whitsunday islands.

Aside from a general dislike of large swell on the ocean and an uncanny ability to drink cocktails (perhaps the two conflate poorly?), the real thing that unites our high performers is a mix of attitude and effort that seems either innate or at least uncommon, regardless of role type.

Specifically, each of them are highly self-motivated and driven - never needing to be told what to do, or when. Instead they are given a vision, incentivised to play their role and trusted to deliver.

And that's exactly what they do; all of the time.

It's such a pleasure to work with a group like this, especially in this adapted environment we call the Australian workplace. They are rightly an inspiration to others in our business who aspire to achieve their levels of success.

Thank you #dreamteam, you're bloody awesome "

​The Reward

This year the team traveled to the Whitsunday Islands, where they lazed around the pool, ate delicious meals, took a sailboat to Whitehaven beach and snorkelled at Bumbell Reef/island. There was plenty of celebrating to do, and we're so glad our 2020 Dream Team enjoyed their trip.

The competition for Dream Team 2021 has already started and we can't wait to see who we'll be sending off next year!

If you want to join our team click here!

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