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It's good news at Ambition - Promotions

In such an unsettling time, we have been incredibly proud of our people who have faced this time of uncertainty with so much drive and passion.

We're excited to announce 4 promotions throughout Ambition Australia. Each represents our PRIDE values and have excelled in their roles and duties. They encompass our values and live our purpose to "Build Better Futures" for our clients, candidates, and our people. 


Yseult d'Estelle Roe

Yseult d'Estelle Roe - Associate Director of Accountability & Commerical Finance

Yseult's Ambition story

I've enjoyed some fantastic highlights while working for AccountAbility over the last 8 years and am thrilled to have been appointed as Associate Director for the business having started in the Graduate program originally! With the support of my fantastic team, I look forward to driving the business through this period of change we're all experiencing and the continued success of our Finance and Payroll specialties. We're extremely passionate about the markets we're engaged with and we look forward to supporting our communities further. 

Yseult talks the talk and walks the walk. She has her people's backs, plays a significant role in the implementation of our business strategy and is a willing and thoughtful contributor to initiatives designed to help us deliver on our promises. As we create the business we can all be proud of, much of it will be driven by her leadership contribution and so the recognition is thoroughly deserved."

- Adam Forster MD of Ambition Australia.

Raffaelle Brancatella

Raffaelle Brancatella - Consultant 

Raffaelle's Ambition story

I joined Ambition in 2019 as an Associate Consultant and have been responsible for building up the BI and Data Analytics network. Throughout the last 18 months, I have established a strong presence within my space through building mutually beneficial relationships with both clients and candidates. I am passionate about everything to do with Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. Having been promoted, this only reinforces my drive to deliver great services and continue to grow within my role and the company. I appreciate all that Ambition has provided me with and look forward to the journey ahead.

Raf has ticked the biggest box possible in the early part of your recruitment career which is to get genuinely interested in your space and, in doing so, become a legitimate contributor in the community."

- Adam Forster MD of Ambition Australia.

Gemma Burke

Gemma Burke - Marketing Executive

Gemma's Ambition story

I joined Ambition back in 2013 as a consultant in the London office. I immediately bought into the people I met and the company's strong values in career development and quality of service, and since then I have never looked back! Working for Ambition has allowed me to pursue my career goals with full support from my managers and the wider business.

In 2015, I relocated to the head office in Sydney to work for the AccountAbility brand. Moving to a completely different office on the other side of the world was a massive change however when I arrived, the people and values felt exactly the same, and I settled in pretty quickly. I progressed to Senior Consultant and then decided to take a complete career change. Ambition once again supported this and I was able to move internally into our back-office marketing team to support the 3 brands across Australia. It has been a whirlwind career at Ambition with lots of opportunities (and hopefully plenty more to come!). I feel very lucky to have joined a company that has allowed me to explore professional goals outside the ‘norm’ career path and that has been invested in me as an employee every step of the way.

Catherine Webb

Catherine Webb - Marketing Executive

Catherine's Ambition story

I joined ambition in 2017 as a Team administrator, and within my nearly 3 years at Ambition I have been given opportunity after opportunity to progress and learn new skills. Ambition trusted in me to take on more responsibility and prove myself within each role, helping me develop personally and professionally. Moving from Team Administrator to Payroll Services Consultant, to Senior Administrator – Marketing and Payroll Services, to Marketing Coordinator, and now Marketing Executive. It's been a journey throughout my time at Ambition, and I’m thankful for the people at Ambition for supporting me along the way.

"I don't think it's an overstatement to suggest that both Gemma and Cat make Ambition & Accountability a better place to come to work thanks to their effort, attitude and outcomes. It's what we ask for and they deliver, deliver, deliver"

- Adam Forster MD of Ambition Australia.

Nick Waterworth

​This crew very much live by our PRIDE values and have put in a massive effort in helping us navigate through the last few difficult months.

We love Building Better Futures for our candidates and clients... and just as much for our own folks, it makes a virtuous circle. 

- Nick Waterworth, Group CEO and Co-Founder of Ambition.

We look forward to seeing them excel in their roles and future careers within Ambition.


Learn more about Ambition and how we live our PRIDE values here.

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