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8 years with Ambition - Julian Soames

 After 8 years with Ambition, Julian has seen the business grow and change throughout the years, he talks us through some of the lessons he's learnt and what keeps him as part of the Ambition team.


What moments in your time at Ambition stand out to you? 

The times when the whole business comes together to celebrate success. Two weeks into my journey and the whole office was whisked up to Sydney for a Christmas Ball at the zoo. Then there was the National Awards ceremony with too much drinking and bad dancing and lastly the annual lunch for employees who have been with the business for more than 5 years. All of these things show how much the business values your contribution, it's great to be part of a team where you matter.

Are there any valuable lessons you have learned in your recruitment career that you could share?

Recruitment is such a rewarding industry nothing beats the feeling that you get when you successfully place a candidate in their dream role, coupled with the praise from a client when you’ve found them their perfect candidate. The most rewarding thing is when you know that you’ve made a positive difference to someone’s life. Within my time at Ambition I have been able to develop and have worked my way from a junior to Principal Consultant, but I have progressed on so many levels. Being in this industry and at Ambition I have really been able to hone my skills and improve my confidence and inter-personal skills. I would never have thought that I could present to senior clients and candidates. Now I do it every day. The world is full of opportunities, it’s all how you approach and react to them! Work hard and celebrate success, every win is a win and it's important to ensure you take the time to enjoy it. There will also be times when things don't go your way, but don't let those times get you down and keep a positive attitude. Things will turn around.

What is your favourite perk of working at Ambition?

My favourite perk is the 5-year lunch, as it's very personal and a great way to show how much the business values your contribution. I always come away from it feeling even more bought into the business and the culture.

What life goals have you been able to achieve thanks to a career in recruitment?

I don't want to boast but before Ambition I never really thought that I could earn really good money in recruitment. Life goals? There's nothing specific but living in a nice house and being able to travel on holidays has been great.

 What would you say to anyone considering working at Ambition?

 Do it. If you want to challenge yourself and be rewarded for hard work and success then Ambition is a great place to work.

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