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20 for 20 - Beach clean-up at Bondi beach

 As part of our 20th anniversary and our ongoing promise to ‘Build Better Futures’ for our candidates, clients and employees, Ambition has made a commitment to help 20 charities throughout the year.

We are doing this by donating time, raising funds or creating awareness for a number of good causes in an effort to continue to ‘Build Better Futures’.

Last weekend a group of volunteers from our Sydney office participated in a local beach clean at the famous Bondi beach. The beach clean was organised by the Responsible Runners who host a number of these events across Australia in order to protect the marine environment, sort recyclables and collect data for the Australian Marine Debris Initiative.

The volunteers spent their time combing the beach as part of a wider group that involved parents with their children, locals and members of the Responsible Runners. They were also filmed for a promotional video to promote keeping the beach and local areas free from plastic.

Once the litter had been collected, it was then time to sort! The Responsible Runners record all the debris picked up and provide the numbers to help change plastic pollution policy across Australia.

In what is known as a pretty clean beach, it was amazing to see how much micro-plastic and cigarette butts were actually collected. By 1pm the group had already filled three large bottles full of cigarette butts!

For more information on your local beach clean-up contact Responsible Runners.



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