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Event Wrap Up: Trends and Barriers facing UX/UI







Our event kicked off by a quick introduction by Mark Jones Director of NSW, who then passed the reigns over to Claire Kilbane who facilitated the event.  

We were joined by 5 inspiring panelists listed below who all gave their insights around the future of UI, the success of agile working in large organisations, design systems, and the challenges facing designers in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

See below our video highlights.


Learn more about our speakers:

Jon Øvrebø Dubielzyk
Senior UX Designer, Google

Jon Øvrebø Dubielzyk is a Senior UX designer focusing on building products through prototyping. He is currently working on Google Photos and prior to that worked on Google Maps.


Alex Skougarevskaya
Design Manager, Atlassian

Alex is a pragmatic and dedicated design leader; juggler of life who loves to inhabit the ‘getting things done’ space between design and development.

She has 12+ years of digital experience as an interactive visual designer in advertising, digital agencies and a stint in e-commerce at RedBalloon. Currently leading a design team shaping and driving the Atlassian Design System.


Danielle Breckon
UX Chapter Lead, Telstra

Danielle is a Sydney-based web designer who loves understanding the human side of the web, including emotional design, accessibility and open source software. She is currently UX Chapter Lead at Telstra Digital.


Carmine Mastrantone
Principal User Experience Researcher, Service NSW

Carmine is a highly skilled UX researcher and manager with extensive experience across user-centred design and research methodologies. Over the past decade, Carmine has led research and experience teams in the television, digital publishing, telecommunications and the banking industry. Carmine’s recent focus has been to leverage Virtual Reality for user testing for unbuilt spaces and wayfinding.


Ronny Ilaya
User Experience Designer, ING

Ronny is a UX Designer for ING Australia. Ronny’s passion is about digital alchemy; using his love of creativity to fuse user and business needs together to craft innovative products that provide enjoyable user-focused experiences.

It's the everyday things and the not so everyday things that spark Ronny's ideas. Always striving to put a smile on people’s faces with what he creates, whether it’s through his UX work in web and mobile app projects, audio and video production, or photography. In his spare time, Ronny undertakes research and self-study to grow his skills and find out what makes good design.


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