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Mums with Ambition

We love celebrating our Mums here at Ambition. In honour of Mother’s Day this Sunday, we decided to check in with them and get their insights on motherhood.

Our mums had plenty to say. They were all in agreement that motherhood has its challenges but it also has its joys and being a mother is one of the most rewarding experiences that life offers. So, we asked them to share with us some words of advice from their own mothers, reminisce about their favourite moments with their kids and explain how they find the balance between work and motherhood. 

Group Human Resources manager, Hayley Furer, recalls the best advice she has ever received from her mother that she looks forward to passing on to her daughter Harper. “Everyone you know is fighting a battle we may know nothing about. Be kind always.” In the meantime, Sinead tells her two girls to always believe in themselves - “you can do anything in life and don’t let anyone tell you different.”

Lara, our multi-tasking Office Manager, is surprised by her daughter every day. Whether it is the by new things that she is doing or learning, be it new words, wiggling her eyebrows or using her vivid imagination, Grace always keeps her on her toes. “Recently Grace has taken to singing quite loudly because she has a great vocabulary she picks up words to songs of any sort really quickly. So, on the way home, sitting on the bus she breaks out singing 'Highway to hell'! She had most of the people on the bus in stitches.” 

Group HR Manager, Hayley with daughter Harper.

Learning & Development Manager, Sinead with daughters Aisling & Aoife.

Office Manager, Lara with daughter Grace.

Accounts Assistant, Kat with son Angus and daughter Lily.

Kat loves every little thing about being a mother. “I love to watch them play and smile, I love to watch them grow and develop their own little personalities. It’s the best job in the world and I wouldn’t trade it for a single thing!” In saying that she is glad to be working for a company that understands the necessity to find the balance between motherhood and work, allowing Kat to “work appropriate hours and set working from home days.”

Oleksandra spends her weekends relieving her own childhood with her son Kirill. “I am so happy that my son gives me the opportunity to enjoy the childhood again. We can spend hours for playing with sand on the beach.” 

Associate Consultant, Oleksandra with son Kirill.

Payroll Administrator, Shabana with son Shahaan.

Relationship Manager, Lyndsay with daughter Karla and sons Joshua & Caylum

Director of Innovation, Kim with son Jake.


Meanwhile, Shabana enjoys being the “first one to get the hugs and the snuggles.” from her son Shahaan. No matter how stressful her day can get, seeing her sons’ face makes it all go away…and she especially enjoys the fact that he is old enough to spoil his mum with movie and dinner dates!

Finally, Lyndsay has three beautiful children and when asked what her absolute favourite thing about being a mother, she had this to say. “I get to spend life with my three biggest blessings, having them share love, laughter and lasting memories with me.”  Acknowledging that some days it is difficult to balance work and motherhood, she remains optimistic “I push forward and try my best for them. When I get home after a long day and they ask me how my day was, I know it’s all worth it!

Everyone at Ambition wishes all the Mums out there a Happy Mother’s Day!

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