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Building Better Futures in Asia

Our mission is to Build Better Futures.

And I’m incredibly proud of our network of offices in Asia. We do amazing work in helping clients develop their teams with top talent, and individual professionals advance themselves with carefully planned career moves.

Last year alone we placed over 1,500 people into new opportunities around the region, including some who we have helped on multiple occasions.

It all began in early 2001 when we opened our first Hong Kong office, with three people in the Bank of China Building. We’ve grown and expanded since then, despite the ‘bumps’ during the tech wreck, SARS, 9/11, and the global financial crisis.

“….an important part of service offering is now supplying contract professionals…’’

We are now based out of 28 Hennessey Road, Wan Chai and have over 40 staff, in the city with a population of over 7m.

In 2006, we opened in Singapore, the island state. Many of our Hong Kong clients were asking for support in Singapore and we responded, initially focussing purely on finance recruitment.

Again, Singapore has been a tremendous success and we’ve had the honour of recruiting for a wide range of multinationals, banks, non-bank financial institutions as well as an increasing number of SMEs.

“…technology is our fastest growing discipline…”

In early 2014, we further expanded our footprint by opening in the rapidly maturing market of Malaysia. Based out of the Integra Tower in downtown Kuala Lumpur, we have been working with clients in commerce, the burgeoning shared-services segment, as well as a variety of financial institutions.  

We now have 20 on the KL team and, based on new client enquiries literally every month, our services are in high demand. 

“…tapping into the startup ecosystem…”

In 2017 we launched HaTCH, powered by Ambition © as an innovative offering to help startups secure the talent they need to execute on their business plans.

HaTCH is primarily focused on Hong Kong and Singapore, with a small team of dedicated staff in each city. Working with a portfolio of partners in co-working spaces and the private equity world, we have built a range of clients primarily looking for developers and engineers.

Watch this space, it’s very exciting!   

And we feel there’s so much more we can do, so many better futures we can build! 

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