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Achieving with Ambition: Meet Paul

We took five minutes to speak with Paul, Technology Consultant in our Sydney office. Paul successfully graduated from the Ambition Academy and is now specialising in the Change and Process Transformation space, Building Better Futures for his network.

What made you join the world of recruitment and what did you do before?

I worked in Financial Services for many years before moving into recruitment. Over the years I picked up a lot of skills that are actually perfect for recruitment (even though I didn’t realise it at the time). I actually spoke to another recruiter about a job who recommended that I pursue a career in the industry.

How did you find the first year of recruitment?

The first few months were pretty tough as you’re introduced to the hectic world that is recruitment. Graduating from the Ambition Academy provided me with the relevant theory to succeed in the role but I've also picked up so much on the job. It was definitely challenging but rewarding at the same time and I began to really enjoy it in the second half of the year.

What do you think are the biggest challenges for someone new to recruitment?

That’s a good question but hard to answer as it’s difficult to pinpoint just one. I would have to say that when you become a 360-degree recruiter, meaning you deal with both clients and candidates, because there are a million things that you have to think about at once, all whilst performing quickly to a high standard. So, getting the time management piece right is probably the hardest thing.

What’s your favourite part of being a recruiter?

Firstly, I love being able to control my own destiny. It’s very much a meritocracy, I work autonomously and the company encourage all the consultants to operate this way. Secondly, making deals. I love that feeling!

In your opinion, what are the three main keys to success?

First up would have to be maintaining a positive mental attitude and believing that no matter what happens, you can turn it around. Secondly, being able to trust your gut as with most sales roles. Finally, being able to think and talk on your feet is a great skill to have.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to get into recruitment?

I think recruitment is something that you’ve got to be ready for and give your all too. Researching the industry prior to joining it, and fully committing to it when you do, will give you a much better chance of enjoying your job and being a success.

What is it like working for Ambition?

I love working for Ambition, I’m having a great time and I think a big part of that is because I love my team. I’m also empowered, like everyone else, to do my own thing and this makes for a great culture. It also helps that everyone in the office is really nice!

Do you think there are any key personality traits that it helps to have to be a good recruiter?

Definitely, I think most importantly you need to be accomplished at building good relationships, enjoy talking a lot and have the positive mental attitude that I spoke about earlier.

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