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Ambition Uncovered: Beacon Foundation - Sydney

As part of our ongoing commitment to the wider community, AccountAbility and Ambition recently hosted a hugely successful event in support of our charity The Beacon Foundation.

The Beacon Foundation work with young people across Australia from disadvantaged communities and areas of high youth disengagement and unemployment, to support them in making an efficacious transition from education to meaningful employment.

We were joined by a group of eager students from James Meehan High School for a jam-packed day of interactive workshops run by a combination of Consultants, Managers and Directors in our Sydney office. The whole day centred on educating the students about various aspects of job seeking and securing career opportunities in the future with a strong focus on listening and communication, personal brand in the employment market, CV writing and interview preparation. We hoped it would be a productive and fun-packed day, and we were by no means disappointed. The level of engagement amongst the students was wonderful as they threw themselves enthusiastically into every activity (and the sandwich tray in the lunchroom). 

A combination of the students’ keen intelligence and razor-sharp wit kept the AccountAbility & Ambition team on their toes throughout the day. Whether we were discussing the perils of social media and an online presence that can live to haunt, how to craft the perfect resume for each job application or how to create a great first impression at interview the students listened and contributed well.

At the end of the day, it was hard to say who enjoyed the day more – the young people who came to spend the day with us, or the Ambition and AccountAbility staff who volunteered to run the program – but it was certainly clear that it was a great success and that we are very much looking forward to running the next Beacon event in 2017. 

For more information on the Beacon Foundation please visit their website or reach out to me on my details below. 

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