I work within our marketing team, focusing on graphic design, video production and content strategy. I love design and the power design has to help us communicate and connect to an idea. I enjoy working with our team to bring their ideas to life, and the journey each project takes from conception to completion. 

I spend my time staring too closely at the screen, making up names for colours based on how they make me feel, and browsing stock imagery.

I joined Ambition in 2017 and have had a few different roles within the company. Ambition has allowed me to follow my passion and supported my interests and growth. Being in a team that will genuinely make you laugh out loud and having leaders who are approachable and caring makes the days fly by.

Outside of work, I like to eat, explore nature with my family and watch my child experience the world. Also partial to a few drinks, but mainly I love the food (all the food).