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Career Development


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We know that when it comes to your career, you have big ambitions. So it's important to find a company that is going to give you tailored training and learning opportunities in order to achieve them.

Rather than provide generic, process-based training, we prefer to look for bespoke development opportunities instead.

What training will I get?

For Associate Consultants, this is an outsourced training program tailored to learning the industry and processes over your first 6 weeks in the business.

For more Senior Recruiters, this may be more individual training focused on growth areas, for example, 1-1 time with a personal branding coach, or public speaking and presentation courses, through to advanced training from our platform partners like Bullhorn, LinkedIn, or Seek to ensure you get the maximum value from the tools you use each day.

Regardless of role or experience, all of our team join or present our "learn from the best sessions" which feature specific skills training delivered by our own high performers and shared from their experience. These are then shared with the wider global group (and vice versa) to leverage our collective experience to ensure your ongoing learning and development.

Finally, we engage outsourced providers across a number of non-work-related fields to ensure you grow professionally and personally including a clinical nutritionist, a financial health coach, and sports and high-performance coaches.

Your career, your choice.

Do you want to be a top biller or a people manager? We give our people a choice in how they want to progress.

1. The 'Sales' (Fee earning) path

By choosing this path you will work towards becoming a Principal Consultant, allowing you to concentrate on billing, whilst gaining recognition for being an exceptional, high achieving and specialist recruiter in your chosen market.

2. The 'People' (Management) path

This allows you to work towards becoming a Divisional Lead and caters for those who want to develop their people management skills and focus on building and leading high performing teams.

Regardless of which path is right for you, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to rapidly accelerate your career at Ambition.