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"Hi, I'm Linda, Head of People & Culture - Ambition Group, Australia. We know what we need out of a recruitment process but what we try to do at Ambition is to make sure that you get what you need out of it as well. The most important oil in the engine of any company is its people and we have designed a process that allows you to meet those individuals who you’d be working most closely with and who know the company best. You will be able to ask whatever you need and to whoever you want, to determine that you’re making the right career move in joining Ambition. We will appreciate your professionalism and corporate approach to the interview process but through that we want to get to know the real you, the person behind the resume. We pride ourselves on our openness and transparency and in return, you will receive a full and unfiltered portrayal of us as individuals and as a company and where we’d like you to call home. We look forward to welcoming you to a family that has been growing for 25 years, a legacy that we’re all immensely proud to be a part of."

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Hiring and onboarding

As a recruitment company we know the importance of a good hiring experience. That's why we're transparent in our hiring process. We've taken out the confusion so there's one less thing to worry about.​

The Ambition hiring & onboarding tower
Self reflection

Step one - Self reflection

The truth is you won't be our highest performer in your first 3 months. It is going to take time and effort to build your business. With that in mind, if you are going to commit to something for the long term, you should at least do something you are interested in so that the work and learning seems purposeful and enjoyable. You will need to be involved with your candidate and client community to get noticed and build a network, attending meetups and subject matter groups along the way. What market or job function can you see yourself taking an active interest in for the long term?​

Job searching

Step two - Job searching

When you have a grasp of what you're looking for, you can get a better idea of who Ambition is, what we're about, and what it's like to work with us. Our aim is for you to feel like you know us better, and that you have enough information to feel like you're applying at the right place. Take a look at our About Ambition and Meet the Teampages. Read our Ambition News blogs and how we build better futures for our team. The goal here is that your new job should exist at the cross-over of who you are and who we are. We will see you back here in a little bit.


Step three - Resume

A valuable document but not the be-all-and-end-all of the process. A great resume gives us clear employment timelines, details of accomplishments, and significant achievements, and gives us a feel for your ability to master new tasks, learning and growing as you go. Avoid the temptation to list every single duty, or things that were achieved as part of a team. Let your own accomplishments and progress shine through. Check out our blog on how to improve your resume here.

Apply online

Step four - Apply online

The one is easy - follow the prompts on
our Join Our Team page.


Step five - Interviews

We like you to get to know us which means meeting peers, and leaders across the business. Typically, we want you to meet with at least one peer, one direct manager, and the Managing Director to make sure we all agree on your competence and alignment with our values, whilst ensuring you have plenty of opportunity to make sure we are consistent and above all, a group you see yourself enjoying working with.

Decision and offer

Step six - Decision and offer

Once we have all met each other and agreed that this is the right opportunity for us both, we will let you know what the terms of our contract would be (salary, job title, visa conditions, etc). If that sounds good to you, we'll raise a contract for you to sign and then agree on a start date. After you've accepted the offer, Linda our Head of People & Culture will walk you through compensation, benefits, and so on, after which you are well on your way to becoming a team member!



You've decided to take the role, here's what your first year will look like.

Onboarding roadmap

First day!

On your first day at Ambition, your manager will take you on a guided walk through to show you where to find everything, from the tea bags to the bathrooms, to make you feel welcome and at ease. On your desk, there will be a pack of goodies, new tech, and a hot cup of coffee waiting for you. You will have an induction with our Head of People & Culture to get to know Ambition's journey, purpose & values, strategy, CSR initiatives, plus all of the fun stuff! To celebrate the day and to get acquainted with your team, you will be taken out to a nice, relaxed lunch.

Meet the leaders

​Attend one-on-ones with every single leader within Ambition, you will find out who they are and what they do within the business. They will also want to get to know you!

Systems and processes training

In addition to the training provided by our leaders, your team, and our Operations Manager, we have a "Knowledge Hub" on our intranet, filled with training videos on how to use our CRM. We also have all our monthly "Learning from the best sessions" recorded which can be viewed when you need them. These are a mix of internal and external sessions on recruitment and health & well-being topics created for Ambition.

Meet the team​

Attend one-on-ones with every single team member within your office, you will find out who they are and what they do within the business. they will also want to get to know you!

Check-in points

In addition to your regular meetings with your leader, our Head of People & Culture will check in with you over your first 3 months to ensure you feel supported.

Clear career pathway

Detailed job descriptions are located on our intranet with clear promotion criteria for every role in our business.

Performance and development reviews

These are scheduled in your diary with your leader (every 6 months from your start date) to make sure you are progressing through your goals, objectives, and working towards the next stage in your career.

Your anniversary - ​Wow!

You have reached your first anniversary. There might be something waiting on your desk.... because we are thrilled to have you!


Do we align with your ambition? Find out how you could grow with us.

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We know that when it comes to your career, you have big ambitions. So, it's important to find a company that is going to give you tailored training and learning opportunities in order to achieve them.

Rather than provide generic, process-based training, we prefer to look for bespoke development opportunities instead.

What training will I get?

Recruitment training is most effective when the theory has the chance to be put into practice.

​For Associate Consultants, this is an outsourced training program tailored to learning the industry and processes, depending on your level of experience, over your first 6 weeks in the business. We then hand over to divisional leaders to continue the practical learning, a continuous spirit of sharing professional and personal development across our business which will help you learn the job as you build confidence in each aspect of the role.

For more Senior Recruiters, this may be more individual training focused on growth areas, for example, 1-1 time with a personal branding coach, or public speaking and presentation courses, through to advanced training from our platform partners like Bullhorn, LinkedIn, or Seek to ensure you get the maximum value from the tools you use each day.

Regardless of role or experience, all of our team join or present our "learn from the best sessions" which feature specific skills training delivered by our own high performers and shared from their experience. These are then shared with the wider global group (and vice versa) to leverage our collective experience, to ensure your ongoing learning and development.

Finally, we engage outsourced providers across a number of non-work-related fields to ensure you grow professionally and personally including sports and high-performance coaches.

Can I get a mentor?

When you have the will to do a job but are developing your skills, you are going to need a mentor. Sitting next to someone and copying what they do is the traditional model but, if that person has been on their desk for many years, copying them is not going to be the right approach for growing you as a consultant.

You need a hands-on leader who can steer your efforts and provide the right structure for your skill level. All of our divisional leaders are proven recruiters who also have the rare gift of wanting to share their time and knowledge. Looking for on-the-job mentoring? Let's have a discussion.

Your future career path

Your career, your choice.

Do you want to be a top biller or a people manager? We give our people a choice in how they want to progress.

1. The 'Sales' (Fee earning) path

By choosing this path you will work towards becoming a Principal Consultant, allowing you to concentrate on billing, whilst gaining recognition for being an exceptional, high achieving and specialist recruiter in your chosen market.

2. The 'People' (Management) path

This allows you to work towards becoming a Divisional Lead and caters for those who want to develop their people management skills and focus on building and leading high performing teams.

Regardless of which path is right for you, you'll find plenty of opportunities to rapidly accelerate your career at Ambition.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A response from our Managing Director within the following 48 hours.

Yes, we will try and give you an insight into why you are not suitable so you can keep working on those areas or build that experience.

Many of us have been in the recruitment industry for over 25 years… We would absolutely love to talk to you. We love experience, flexible work, part-time, and return to work parents.