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The greatest wealth is health

Yoga Session
Wellbeing Breakfast

Wellbeing week returned to Ambition with great success last week. During this time, our Sydney and Melbourne offices were encouraged to take a moment to reflect on their wellbeing through a variety of beneficial activities and resources.


The week started off with a virtual yoga session with Adriene across both offices. A bit of mindfulness and a posture reset helped the team get into a great place to take on the week.

Healthy Breakfast

The most important meal of the day! The teams were met with a healthy and delicious spread first thing on Tuesday. Breakfast helps to kick-start your metabolism and provides energy levels to help you take on the day. A mix of fruit, overnight oats and brekky wraps did the trick for us!

Lunchtime Walk

Getting some fresh coastal air was on the menu for Tuesday lunchtime, with a 4km walk to get the legs moving and heart pumping. Both offices are in fantastic locations, making us lucky enough to be able to stroll down to the water and see the some of the best our cities have to offer.

Team Walk
Team member having a shoulder massage in office

As difficult as it was to get back to our desks after a relaxing massage, it was great to have those knots worked out. Both offices were visited by masseuses who made it known just how much damage a bad posture can do!

Financial Wellbeing Session

Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start with your finances, so we had Financial Adviser Catherine Belford visit to share her knowledge on keeping your finances in check. With a changing economic environment and new opportunities arising, we were able to gain an insight into what is possible on the path to achieving financial wellbeing.​

Friday Quiz

We wrapped up with a wellbeing quiz on Friday afternoon. The team were put to the test in 4 categories; food, the human body, health & wellness, and sport & activity. Unsurprisingly our Managing Director Adam Forster came out on top with an almost too good score of 10 out of 12. Fun fact from our quiz: Gelotology is the study of laughter.

At Ambition we enjoy seeing our team thrive both in work and life, so wellbeing week is an important time for us to stop and ensure we're taking care of ourselves.

If you have an interest in joining the team, visit our work for us page here.

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