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14 Years of Ambition - Jenny McDonald

After recently celebrating her 14th year with Ambition, we learn more about Jenny and her fondest moments.

What first attracted you to Ambition?

I liked that it was a boutique agency, so it was more personable than other agencies. After my initial interview, I was offered the job pretty much straight away, I couldn’t say no. I never expected to stick around for so long, but the people and the culture made it impossible to leave.

What are your top 5 fondest memories of working at Ambition?

Over the last 16 years, there's been plenty of moments that have definitely had me crying with laughter, some silly pranks in the office and plenty of hilarious stories. However, my fondest top 5 memories (it's tough to narrow them down) I would say my number 1 would have to be Winning the People's choice. It was amazing to be nominated and appreciated by my peers, it’s always nice to hear that you’re doing a good job. It can be easy for a company to overlook their employee’s but I have always felt support and valued.

The parties - It's hard to pick 1 party in particular, but I love a good party and at Ambition, there have been plenty. It's always a good time surrounded by good people in a relaxed atmosphere. It's easy to lose a few hours just talking rubbish with the team.

The people - If you can't tell already, the people of Ambition are pretty special. Meeting and working with a great group of people, it makes all the difference! A job can just be a job, but with the right culture and colleagues, it becomes so much more. I enjoy spending the 37.5 hours each week with this bunch, and I don't think many people can say that truthfully. 

The Lip Synch Competition - A few years ago we had a nationwide competition where people created their own lip synch video. At Ambition, we take things pretty seriously and definitely don't do things by halves, there were location shoots, costumes, choreographed dances moves! Let's just say you never forget some of the team dressed up as the directors doing Gangnam Style or some the boys doing their best spice girls, and they were definitely fierce! Our directors at the time even kicked everyone out of the office at 6 30 pm one evening so they could film their own video. It’s great to know in such a high-pressure environment that we can have so much fun, and everyone can get involved. Of course, it definitely makes things interesting when you have a couple of highly competitive personalities in the office!

Friendships - Being such a close-knit team it means I've been able to share plenty of weddings, baby showers, birthday celebrations and Aussie Citizenship I have attended for different colleagues over the years. It's great to share these special moments with friends. 

After 14 years what are your top tips for a person to excel at their role?

Enjoy it. Passion is important, there's no point slugging it out if you do not get some form of satisfaction from your job. If you enjoy your role you ask more questions, learn more things and people enjoy being around you. 

What’s the most valuable lesson you learned within your time at Ambition?

I hear nothing...

What has been the biggest changes you have witnessed within the business?

There are always changes in business and over the years I've been here, there have been lots. There have been changes in location, in teams, team structures, and technology, but the people, they're always great. 

What’s your favourite part of your role?

As the receptionist, I pride myself in ensuring everyone is well deservedly treating on a Friday afternoon, stocking the fridge for Friday drinks. Firstly because- it's Friday and who doesn't love a Friday? But also because it's a great time to hang out with the team.

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