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Using transferable skills for unique and meaningful contributions

Ambition Elite Partner, Miranda Jensen, Director On Song Group joins us as a guest blogger to give insights into how to use transferable skills for unique and meaningful contributions.

“Move between worlds, speak both languages, connect the tribes, mash the elements to spark fresh creative insight until you wake up with the epiphany that changes your life” Justine Musk

Justine Musk, the first wife of billionaire Elon Musk, promotes the idea of becoming a master of two disciplines and bringing them together in a way that offers a unique contribution to the world. The epiphany that changed my life brought together my two worlds: music and change management. For many years, my two worlds worked in parallel and supported one another by leveraging the transferable skills from each. I had identified that my core value was ‘meaningful contribution’, but after studying opera and releasing contemporary studio albums, it became apparent that it was my work as a change manager that was delivering the greatest contributions. I wasn’t operating as a traditional change manager however, I was using all of the skills developed as a performer - and achieving great results! 

This is how On Song Group came about, bringing together two disciplines, finding how they work together and support one another to create a new offering to the world. Having determined that my interest in music was more than just performing, I embarked on a PhD in 2012. I explored through phenomenological enquiry (what is the human experience) of applying Pythagorean tuning to the creation of new music - fascinating stuff! But whilst I was fascinated exploring this area of interest, I was not prepared for how it would bring my two worlds smashing together towards that life changing epiphany.

Over time I realised that the music I was creating using the ancient frequencies was becoming a benchmark for how I wanted to feel (the destination) but also showed me how I was feeling (an awareness) and the music became the mechanism to get me from one to the other (guidance). This concept seemed familiar to the change manager in me and with the assistance of my whiteboard markers, I explored this concept further, only to realise that these three elements had been core to my approach to leading change. With a considerable amount of further enquiry, testing and development, the Transformation3 model was born. From music (my first discipline) an understanding of ‘how things transform’ (my second discipline) came about and has been helping organisations and individuals transform ever since.

The value of transferable skills do not need to come from two clear disciplines such as this, their value is in every action and interaction. What diverse skills, interests and experiences do you have that you can bring to your role? What unique perspectives do you have that could shed new light, or provide new ways of thinking about what your organisation does? How can you solve problems using the creativity of cooking or the focus and rhythm required for a round of golf? 

Be confident in the value of all of your experiences, they can enable you to provide your greatest value when you allow everything to work together. It might not be what was written in the job description, how could it be? No-one has your combination of skills and experiences - except you!

Transformation 3 – 2-day training – special offer for Ambition clients.











To support Ambition clients in their Diversity and Inclusion initiatives, a special offer has been arranged to attend the Transformation3 2-day Training with 40% off in September at Crown Conferencing, Melbourne. (Simply enter the code: AMBITION to redeem).

The Transformation3 methodology is an innovative and dynamic approach that delivers real-time management of organisational change. Transformation3 is a way of thinking about ‘how things transform’ and in this regard, is especially beneficial for affecting cultural change in your team or organisation. One of the major areas of cultural change that organisations are currently embarking on is ensuring an atmosphere that embraces and supports Diversity and Inclusion. Leaders are finding that implementing a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy takes more effort than anticipated due to long-standing attitudes and practices within the workplace. Transformation3 supports organisations and individuals requiring a pragmatic and effective response to managing these types of complex changes by simplifying and targeting the change effort. The Transformation3 approach focuses on developing a strong picture of where you are now, which provides a foundation for building on and defining where you want to get to. Transformation3 works in real time, giving you the tools to observe, assess and respond to the needs of your organisation as it transforms.

The 2-day Transformation3 Training is an immersive, skills based session focussing on the core elements required to successfully transform your organisation. The training provides participants with a Professional Licence for use of the methodology throughout their professional careers when implementing any form of organisational change and transformation.

Miranda Jensen

Miranda Jensen,
Director, On Song Group


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