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How to maximise your career opportunities

​Whether you're polishing up your CV or preparing for an interview, there are key steps you can take to stand out in the competitive job market.

"How can you help us, help you?"

1. Preparing for your job search

Keep it clear and up to date: Ensure your CV is a powerful tool by maintaining a clear and up-to-date format. Include the chronological order of your roles, role titles, and a brief summary of your past organisations.

Transparency is key: Share your motivations for leaving your current role, your wish list for the new one, and any ongoing interview processes. Be upfront about your salary expectations from the beginning.

Set realistic expectations: Consider the practical aspects of a new role. Is the commute feasible? Can you manage your responsibilities, such as family commitments or childcare? Address these considerations early on to avoid surprises later.

Prepare for the interview: Take advantage of our support by utilising tips, tricks, and practice questions we provide. Research the company, prepare examples, and ensure you're ready to make a lasting impression during the interview.

"What sets you apart in an interview?"

2. Setting yourself apart in an interview

Research the company: Stand out by showcasing your dedication to the position. Research the company's recent financials and news articles and drop this information during the interview. Asking thoughtful questions at the end demonstrates genuine interest.

Balance confidence and humility: Strike a balance between confidence and humility. Showcase your technical competence without appearing overconfident. This delicate balance will leave a positive impression on your potential employer.

Demonstrate flexibility: Show openness to varied working hours, work-from-home options, or other flexible arrangements. Be prepared to reciprocate flexibility during peak times or when additional support is needed.

Prepare strong examples: Master the STAR method for answering questions by providing Situation, Task, Action, and Result. This method helps you articulate your skills effectively. If you're unfamiliar with STAR, check out our recently published article here for a detailed guide.

By following these guidelines, you'll not only make our job easier but also increase your chances of securing that coveted position. Remember, preparation and honesty are your best allies in the job search journey. Best of luck!

​If you are looking for a market overview or need any assistance in your job search reach out to me or our expert team of consultants here. ​

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