Joining the Ambition Group at the closure of 2019, little did we all know what was looming on our doorstep. “What to do? Where do we go? What happens next?”

Well, Ambition used this as an opportunity to make positive improvements to our culture, health and wellbeing, flexibility, connecting teams globally, and personal growth. With a fantastic leadership group, brilliant consultants and an extremely high-performing corporate services team, this has resulted in “Building Better Futures” for our customers, candidates and ourselves.

With 16 years' experience in Accounting and Finance (CPA), I would like to call out our high-performing finance team located in Australia, the UK and across Asia. Their ability to adapt to change, drive process improvement, inter-grate themselves into the business and continue to provide solutions efficiently to our stakeholders – “You’re Simply the Best”.

I am looking forward to working with you!