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The changing landscape of automation testing

As someone who has been observing the software engineering and testing industry, I have noticed some interesting changes in the automation testing market.

Plateauing Salaries and Increase in Contractors

Rather than the trend we saw in 2020-2022, over the last couple of months salaries and day rates in automation testing look to have plateaued, and in some cases, we have even seen a slight reduction, compared to the last 18 months.

I have noticed a significant increase in the number of contractors entering the market, particularly at the end of quarter one. This could be due to budget restrictions or projects coming to an end and means that more quality candidates are on the market seeking their next day rate contract.

Flexibility and Technical Ability Key for Candidates

Due to this increased day rate for contractors on the market, it's essential for candidates to be flexible on the length of contract that they're willing to take in order to maintain the day rate that they've been accustomed to.

As the market continues to change into quarter two and beyond, I believe that clients will continue to be critical of the technical ability of their candidates. Additionally, coding challenges and testing may be required before the formal interview process, so it's essential for candidates to brush up on their technical skills and prepare for the interview process thoroughly.

Skills in Demand

In terms of technical skills, I've seen a lot of demand for Java and C# programming skills in automation testing. Communication is also a soft skill that is highly valued in the industry, as test engineers need to be able to communicate their findings to other areas of the business.

Future of Automation Testing Hiring

In conclusion, I believe that organisations with more mature code that are able to utilise automation testing tools such as Selenium and Tosca will move towards hiring more automation engineers who can also do some manual testing.

Tips for Job Seekers in the Changing Market

For permanent job seekers, it's important to be realistic about salary expectations and be willing to adapt to the changing market.

For contractors, flexibility on contract length can be beneficial in securing work and maintaining day rates. It's also essential to brush up on technical skills and prepare thoroughly for interviews.

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