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How to lead remotely

Whilst the vast majority of the world try to navigate the “new normal” post the COVID-19 outbreak, remote working and, in particular, remote on-boarding has become something of a hot topic.

We understand what a challenging time this is. Very quickly we have been thrown into a new way of working, which many organisations may not

have been completely ready for. In these unprecedented times there will be challenges to overcome and like in any moment of crisis, we believe in community and sharing information to help build better futures. We have collated our knowledge to create this booklet to help enable your success. We hope this information can help navigate this unfamiliar landscape.

More and more Australian’s have access to flexible working. Advances in technology have created the opportunity to make working remotely a part of our everyday lives, and now it has become a necessity for organisations to keep running. Amid the spread of COVID-19 the required social distancing has forced many companies to close. In these uncertain times not only are companies forced to seek alternative measures to keep operations running, but to also meet the needs of their employee's well-being remotely.