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Why hiring a contractor could be the best solution

You don't always have to hire a permanent employee for every role. If your business needs someone with specific skills for a short-term project, it could make sense to hire a contractor instead. For more information on your hiring options contact our team here

1. Flexibility

Contractors allow you to access the talent that you need when you need them, regardless of duration. Helping your business overcome headcount shortages by covering short-term needs during maternity, sick, and sabbatical leave as well as short-term deadlines. They are also excellent for year-end crunch time. 

2. More work is project-based 

There has been a lot of movement towards project-based work, employing more contractors, and part-time employees. The traditional model of hiring long-term employees is rapidly shifting to outsourcing on a project-by-project basis.

3. Niche skillsets 

A contractor can supply niche skills that your company’s in-house team might not have. Rather than upskilling existing team members – especially if these skills are required for a short-term project – it can be more cost-effective to hire a contractor to carry out the job. 

4. The financial benefits 

The price of talent is rising. Hiring a contractor for a project can be more efficient than hiring a permanent employee who may not be needed after the project is completed. You can access the talent you need without the commitment of continued employment. 

5. Manageable risks

While the possibility of worker misclassification can never be completely eliminated, by outsourcing your hiring needs to a trusted recruitment agency you can have all the benefits of independent talent with minimal risk. Entrusting the agency to onboard and take all the precautions and checks necessary to keep above board, it’s an important task and something at Ambition we cannot stress enough. 

6. Easy onboarding process 

There can be some hesitation when hiring a contractor due to an outdated perception of onboarding difficulties. Many recruitment agencies can often complete onboarding procedures more quickly, thoroughly, and efficiently than procurement personnel who are more familiar with serving traditional employees. At Ambition we have a Contractor Care Manager who oversees the on-boarding process and ensures that everything runs smoothly, taking all the work away from your team. 

7. Talent pool

Workers are also shifting away from traditional employment and opting to take contract roles instead. Contracting allows workers more flexibility and encourages true specialism by honing their skills on different projects. By looking outside of traditional permanent employees, you are increasing your talent pool size considerably. 

8. Speed 

Need a contractor at the last minute? No problem! Our contractors go through a rigorous onboarding process before they even reach a client. This involves ID and working rights check, previous employment reference checks, and a comprehensive face to face interview. Our specialist consultants are completely embedded in their markets and are able to leverage their established relationships and extensive networks to promptly get you the support you need. Often the contractor will have been tried and tested previously, meaning you can have full confidence that they can hit the ground running. 

9. Hiring without headcount 

Your organisation is under a headcount freeze but still in need of resources, hiring a contractor should be part of your recruitment strategy. Headcount Management Contractors can be hired by Ambition and parked under our headcount while they work on your projects, therefore all payroll and administrative responsibilities are managed by Ambition 

10. An opportunity to test before committing 

Hiring talent on a contract basis also allows you to assess if the candidate is the right fit for your business before you commit to a permanent hire. 

If you would like to discuss what the right hiring strategy is for you then click here to contact one of our specialist consultants.

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