Qualtrics X4 Sydney Summit Event Highlights with Ambition

Highlights from our Digital Team - The Qualtrics X4 Sydney Summit Event on Experience Management

Published on 24th June 2019

What an experience! A few weeks ago, myself and our Digital Team attended the Qualtrics X4 Sydney Summit on Experience Management. With speakers from some of the world’s most renowned brands like Qantas, Uber, Disney Institute, Telstra, Atlassian, Sephora, BMW and more we learned that this new experience economy is changing the way companies compete today.

Experience management is one of the most transformative categories in business and is helping companies monitor every interaction people experience with a company. Organisations who truly understand their customer experience, brand experience, product experience and employee experience are racing to the top of the ladder whilst others will plunge to the bottom.

Some key takeaways and food for thought:

Ryan Smith, CEO kicked off with a shocking statistic that 80% of CEOs believe that they are providing a superior service, whereas only 8% of their customers agree (that is one big gap!). For companies to close this gap they must combine O-data (operational data- what happened) and X-data (experience data- why it’s happening).

Patricia Limanouw, Head of Group Research and Insights at Qantas highlighted the way Qantas takes a holistic approach to their learning landscape. Brand health, CX and EX go hand-in-hand and if you take care of your employees, they take care of your customers and business will take care of itself. Bring them together regardless of where you start.

At Uber, Sonny Sethi, Head of Research, Insights and Media Planning ANZ highlighted the importance of sharing data within an organisation and that everyone from the GM to the recent grad hire should have access to the same information. Sonny recognises that in order to stay ahead in innovation, Uber must utilise their insights and analytics to empower all their people, allowing them to make data-driven decisions quicker. Soon we will be scUbering it to places in the world’s first rideshare submarine!!! 

The GM of Customer Insights at Telstra reminded us that a holistic view of customer experience relies on triangulating customer feedback from multiple data sources, both quantitative and qualitative.

Finally, Dance Psychologist, Dr. Peter Lovatt showed us how to have some fun with an unforgettable dance! The energy of 2000 + people dancing in sync to Justin Timberlake was contagious. According to Dr. Peter Lovatt’s research dancing can help change the way we think and can improve the movement of people with Parkinson’s disease.

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