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The importance of Passion.

For many of us a large portion of our time is spent in the workplace, so finding a job that you are passionate about and that makes you happy is important for a balanced, happy life.

I think the question of happiness comes down to a personal choice and we’re lucky to live in an era of wonderful opportunity where most of us have a choice to chase our passions.

I define ‘passion’ as something that gets you out of bed in the mornings and where you want to do more than what’s expected of you and I would say I am a passionate person when it comes to my work.

I am passionate because I always want to go one step further than required. I don’t wait for people to point me in the right direction to achieve a certain goal, I find the direction myself and that’s exciting for me.

Having passion is such an integral part to success in your career and in life.

Before starting in recruitment, I was passionate about swimming. I would train hard, I would stay in the pool a little longer, and I would watch videos on stroke correction. The coach would say to train twice a week, but I would always do extra. Passion is about wanting to do more and being the best you can be.

But let’s be more specific. Why do you need to be passionate to succeed in recruitment?

Essentially, as a sales-based role you need to be able to motivate yourself. There can be a lot of autonomy and your success directly correlates to the amount of effort you put in. At times, it can be emotionally challenging, especially when you put in time and effort, but things fall though due to circumstances outside of your control. When that happens, you need the self-motivation to pick yourself up and keep going. You need to be passionate about the job you are doing, the people you are helping take the next step in their career and the service you are providing to clients.

In the lead up to our first Recruitment Bootcamp I have been speaking to a lot of candidates each day and I am always intrigued as to what they are passionate about and how these passions and traits can relate to the world of recruitment.

If you are in a position where you’re actively seeking a new role, my advice would be to stop and really think about what YOU want. Don’t go for a job because someone thinks you will be good at it. Sometimes you may be good at something but are you passionate about it?  

Life is too short to waste time doing something you’re not passionate about, so make sure you are clear about your direction and what your end goal is, then every decision you make along the way will be in line with helping you to reach that.

It’s easy for me to say this and not everyone knows their passion immediately, but I would advise that you need to focus on what you enjoy, what ignites that fire in your belly, what skills you possess that you are passionate about.  This is a key starting point look at what makes you happy, and then look to how you can apply this within the corporate world.

If you’re interested in speaking to me about finding a career you are passionate about, please reach out.

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