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Are your communication skills sharp enough for the digital age?

Communication has changed so dramatically in such a short period of time that I wonder if everyone is really up to speed on how to communicate in a digital age.

With the influence of social media tools, technology at our fingertips and a huge change in customer behaviour, messaging has to be digestible, relevant and targeted to be truly effective.

I consume content like there is no tomorrow; some is great and has me hooked within seconds whilst some is laborious to digest, especially when I am on the bus or getting 5 minutes in whilst waiting for someone. I also get to meet some great talent in the content production space that educates me daily on how to best get in front of the customer and quickly tell them what you are offering or want from them. Some of those tips I want to share…

  • Keep your posts relevant, digestible and targeted to the audience you are looking to capture: people don’t have time anymore to read 10,000-word essays but instead want “value for money” in their consuming of content. Give them maximum return for minimum invested time.

  • Social media is called “social” for a reason: engage with your customers, communicate with them and answer their questions. Networking through social is such an effective tool for both brand reputation and engagement purposes but it isn’t just a broadcasting platform.

  • Communicate visually and not just through text (slightly hypocritical from me here): think of producing infographics, visual aids and keep writing to a minimum unless necessary.

  • Target your market using the tools available: we can now segment our target audience by pretty much every category we could think of. Make sure the article/content you are posting is ending up in the right hands to be most effective.

  • Don’t stick to one platform: what works on one platform doesn’t always engage people on another. Be careful to tailor your content to the platform you are looking to target people on.

Too many people dip their toe in the world of digital without really utilising the platforms we all have our fingertips, to the best of their ability. There are a lot of people, influencers and companies out there that can help you shape your social/content strategy but keep it to these simple measures first and you might be surprised by the results.

Can you imagine, nowadays, living in a world without social media?

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