Culture is an inside job

For us that means everyone has a role to play in making our organisation a great place to come to work.

Our culture is centered around enabling each member of our team, regardless of role or years of experience, to achieve their full potential.

That doesn't have to mean big billings - perhaps a better measurement of success might be achieving a great balance between performance and lifestyle, which is the preference for many of our team.

To enable that requires removing obstacles, optimising technology, providing world-class support, and collaborating across divisions to delight our customers. We have created a sense of community, we make progress together in our careers and our lives and everyone is treated fairly and with respect. We work flexibly and remotely, however, we need to so that we can perform to the best of our ability.

Everyone is recognised for their attitude and effort, not just those more measurable outcomes. Jointly they are the ingredients that lead to our vision of Building Better Futures for our clients, our candidates, and our people.

​Life at Ambition; a conversation with...

Hear from our team about how we care for our people here at Ambition.

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Our values encompass PRIDE:

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    We are passionate about who we are, what we do and the way we do it.

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    We think creatively, working smarter, faster and harder.

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    We are honest, respectful and straightforward.

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    Ambitious by nature, we are determined to excel and energetic in the way we apply ourselves.

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    Critical to our success, we strive to enhance the experience for clients, candidates and employees.

Ambition incentives for our people

We offer a range of incentives to our employees. Some of the highlights include:

  • Giftcards


    Win one of our quarterly competitions, hit one of our billing milestones or reach your personal best monthly performance and you’ll be seeing a $250 voucher of your choice for your efforts, on top of commission of course!

  • End of quarter bash

    End of quarter bash

    ​We celebrate our success each quarter with events like kart racing, lawn bowls, cooking classes, a disco bus, and of course a great meal together at one of the wonderful restaurants in Sydney and Melbourne.

  • Pride breakfast

    Pride breakfast

    A quarterly breakfast at a swanky location in Sydney or Melbourne for those who role model our values of Passion, Resourcefulness, Integrity, Drive and Enjoyment as voted by their peers.

  • Top billers lunch

    Top billers lunch

    ​High achiever? We celebrate your efforts by joining your high achieving peers at a long lunch at one of Sydney or Melbourne’s best restaurants where we share a great meal and a bottle or three of great wine.

  • Dream Team

    Dream Team

    ​Dream team is an annual long weekend away (overseas to a tropical location) and represents a way to recognise our consistently highest performers in both sales and back office roles, getting together with peers who share the same appetite for success and experiencing new things that help create new ‘myths and legends’ in the story of Ambition.

Our engagement program encompasses BICEPS:

Recruitment organisations have always been good at making it hard to leave, especially for high performers. But an engagement plan shouldn’t just be a contractor desk that you can’t walk away from.

Instead, we want Ambition to be a great place to stay: a great place to come to work for people in all roles, at all levels, who want to build their careers for long-term success and satisfaction.

We keep working on it so we can be proud of our workplace and what we have created together.

Our BICEPS engagement program addresses the six core needs we have as humans, both personally and professionally. Whilst each of our own hierarchies will vary within these factors, the Ambition business is built around optimising each of these attributes as part of our engagement vision.

  • Belonging

    A feeling of closeness to the group, and being part of a tight community where the group feels happy and healthy.

  • Improvement

    Making sure our work helps you make progress in your career or life, and helps improve the lives of others.

  • Choice

    We are genuinely flexible with every member of our team, able to make decisions about the things that matter to them.

  • Equality and Fairness
    Equality & Fairness

    The group are treated fairly, support each other with reciprocity and are treated as equally important.

  • Predictability

    Our goal posts don’t shift, rewards don’t change and desks are not split or distributed when they start to go well.

  • Significance

    We have a clear sense of purpose, we know how our roles fit into the vision and we recognise each team members contribution.

​Our results


of our employees
feel a sense of
belonging at work.


of our employees
feel their personal or professional growth is supported at work.

Choice Statistic


of our employees
feel they have a choice
in the decisions that
matter to them.


of our employees
feel that employees are treated fairly and
equally across all teams.


of our employees
feel our goals and
strategy are consistent
and the goalposts
don't move often.


of our employees
feel that they are contributing
in a meaningful way towards the company's success.

Engagement graphic

Ambition benefits for our people

We offer a range of benefits to our employees. For detailed information on all of our benefits, please click here. Some of the highlights include:

  • Compensation


    We've worked hard to build a high performing culture where everyone plays their role to the best of their ability. The reward for high performance isn't just market leading salaries; we enjoy no deficit and commission up to 69% of billings.

  • Long tenure, plenty of experience

    Long tenure, plenty of experience

    When you're dealing with something as important as a person's career, experience matters. Our team average 10 years recruitment experience and more than 4 years with our business. We recognise that commitment with an additional day leave per year of service up to 25 days

  • Flexibility


    We embrace part-time and/or flexible work arrangements that suit your life and your family. Flexible work isn’t about having an extra 20 minutes for lunch. It is about choosing how, when and where you work best but then using that to do your best work.

  • Incentives


    Win one of our quarterly competitions, hit one of our billing milestones or reach your personal best monthly performance and you’ll be seeing a $250 voucher of your choice for your efforts, on top of commission of course!

  • Career development

    Career development

    Every member of our team has a clear career progression pathway and bi-annual career development review, with roles from Associate Consultant to Director and both leadership and billing-only pathways.

  • Parental leave

    Parental leave

    We are family! 12 weeks paid leave for primary carers, 2 weeks with a further 4-day week for 12 weeks for secondary carers. We welcome return to work and part-time parents, with job share options available too.

  • Employee engagement program

    Employee engagement program

    We have a long term engagement program that focuses entirely on making our business a great place to work. Many places are hard to leave - we want it to be great to stay.

  • Working abroad

    Working abroad

    All employees can work in our international offices for a few days if they wish. We also enable transfers to our international offices on a long-term basis.

Talent is critical. But Ambition is what makes the difference. ​

At Ambition Australia we believe that having a diversity initiative goes against the true belief of the word. Rather than forcing diversity through policy, we simply invite anyone with the same like-minded thinking, spirit, and heart, from across the globe to join our team. What we believe in, is talent and ambition.

Our passion for people and supporting people through their journey to a better future means that our differences such as gender, age, nationality, and religion are all the components of what makes us unique and part of a much bigger picture.

To attract and retain such a unique team, we place a premium on creating and living an inclusive, respectful company culture.

We believe that by creating this conscious culture, we are able to create a path for more meaningful change for our candidates, our clients, and our industry.

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