I am a part of the Corporate Services team looking after the Admin and Operations space.

I work in a fairly multifaceted role being the Operations Manager. I work closely with both the front and back office to make sure things are running smoothly, whether it be looking after contractor care or payroll services, overseeing the admin support function, supporting consultants with tasks or working on ways to better streamline processes within the business.

There are a lot of aspects about my role that I love. A large part is definitely the people and culture, we work very collaboratively between the two offices which has helped create quite a tight knit group that respect each other and always celebrates each other’s success. Another is that because I do a bit of everything, it definitely keeps my role interesting. Although I have my day to day tasks, I will often be working on various projects or internal events so I’m always mixing things up and keeping busy.

Outside of work you will most likely see me exploring different restaurants and bars. Unfortunately (or fortunately – whichever way you may see it) I was not gifted with the best cooking skills but have a massive love for food that I pretty much live by the motto ‘treat yo self’ when it comes to eating because why not!