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Need help navigating the recruiter minefield? Here's your handy guide.

​Ever felt frustrated with the lacklustre service from recruiters? You're not alone. From engineers to CIOs, candidates across the board often find themselves on the receiving end of subpar candidate care.

I’d like to talk about the reasons behind the tarnished reputation of the recruitment industry and shed light on some insights that might just make you see things from a different perspective.

Aggressive KPIs: The culprit behind rushed interactions

Agency recruiters are often burdened with aggressive Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These metrics include the number of candidates contacted, client interactions, resumes sent, and much more.

The pressure to meet these targets can lead recruiters to prioritise the present over the future, resulting in missed opportunities to nurture long-term relationships.

Transaction vs. Relationship

The recruitment industry, unfortunately, is not always centred around customer service. The emphasis tends to be on completing transactions and securing placements.

A good recruiter, however, sees beyond the immediate transaction, considering candidates not just for current roles but also potential future opportunities. Building relationships is the key to lasting success.

Professional courtesy

The significance of professional courtesy; a commitment to follow through on promises. It's a value that might come across as old-fashioned in an industry that predominantly focuses on swift transactions. Despite the prevailing trend, a good recruiter will take pride in upholding this traditional virtue, believing it to be a crucial element in fostering trust and building lasting relationships.

The industry's lack of customer service orientation leaves room for recruiters who prioritise professional courtesy to stand out and build meaningful connections.

The value of ongoing relationships

Engaging with a recruiter who values ongoing relationships can be a game-changer. This type of recruiter goes beyond the transactional nature of the industry to provide impartial advice, industry insights, and long-term support.

Building a connection with such a recruiter can extend beyond immediate job searches, offering valuable guidance for career development.

In a world dominated by aggressive targets and transactional mindsets, finding a recruiter who values ongoing relationships can be like striking gold.

As candidates, understanding the dynamics of the recruitment industry allows us to navigate the minefield with care and find partners who prioritise our long-term success.

So, the next time you engage with a recruiter, consider seeking those who not only understand the value of building relationships but actively contribute to your career development journey.

​If you are looking for a market overview or adding to your team, please reach out to me or our expert team of consultants here.

Watch our video series discussing these points, in our video library.

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