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A designer’s journey for aspiring UX/UI designers

​We sat down with Vivid Savitri, an Australian designer with an impressive journey in the design world. She shares her experiences, challenges, and changes she has observed in the industry over the years. As a seasoned professional, Vivid also offers valuable tips for aspiring UX/UI designers who are looking to kickstart their careers.


The beginning

Vivid's design journey began while she was studying at university. Being surrounded by engineers and surgeons in her family, she had never considered design as a career option. However, fate took her to Tokyo, Japan, where she had the opportunity to work in the video game industry. Vivid's love for interactive experiences in video games sparked her passion for design, leading her to explore the fascinating world of designing for fun and subjective user experiences.


Growth in video games

Vivid's design career took off when she founded her startup in video games, which later got acquired by a subsidiary of Sony after only 21 months in operation. Her journey in Asia, particularly in Shanghai, allowed her to delve deeper into product design and experience design for various applications beyond video games. This exposure broadened her understanding of designing for serious applications and prepared her for her next endeavour.


A career in design

After gaining extensive experience in video games and product design, Vivid joined Frog Design in Munich, Germany. Here, she was exposed to diverse projects, including user experience design for service designs, public services, and entertainment applications. This exposure played a crucial role in shaping her perspective on design for experiences and ultimately led her to join Atlassian in Sydney.

Currently, Vivid leads global experience designs at Breville, where she focuses on enhancing user experiences across products, apps, and e-commerce platforms. Her journey has allowed her to tackle challenges and develop an array of skills, from visual and interaction design to stakeholder management and communication.


Changes in the design industry

"As the design industry evolves, it's crucial for designers to strike a balance between mastering tools and understanding the core principles of design."

Throughout her career, Vivid has observed significant variations in the design industry across different geographical locations. In Europe, strong design traditions and artistic influences are evident, while the United States emphasises commercial viability. The shift in design education towards tool-based training has resulted in a neglect of core design knowledge, which Vivid believes should still be a crucial aspect of a designer's development.


Hiring tips for UX/UI designers

When hiring UX/UI designers, Vivid looks for the following;

  • A strong display of quality work and a unique design journey in their portfolio.

  • Candidates should focus on a specific design vertical, whether it's research, interaction design, or other areas.

  • Candidates who can communicate effectively, manage stakeholders, and understand the real-world challenges of being a designer.


Tips for aspiring UX/UI designers

For aspiring designers, Vivid suggests the following advice.

  1. Identifying a specific design vertical of interest and tailoring their development towards it.

  2. Building real-world experience, such as shadowing senior designers or participating in design courses, can provide valuable insights into the design industry.

  3. Focusing on developing communication and relationship-building skills, as they are vital for success in the field.

If you are looking for further advice on your career or career progression, reach out to us here for a confidential conversation.

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