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Payroll Services


What is Contingent Management Workforce?

Contingent Workforce Management is a strategic approach to managing an organisation’s casual workforce. Providing reduced cost and increased accountability across engagement, management and reporting whilst also providing effective risk management.

Ambition has the experience, technology and infrastructure to effectively manage your contingent workforce. This service involves Ambition Group assuming all contractual and management responsibility for contractors during their tenure. Our dedicated team will take responsibility for candidate pre-screening, on-boarding, induction, contractor care along with payroll processing and associated taxes.

 Why use Payroll Services?

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    • Achieve reduced costs
    • Governance of pay rates
    • Effective management of contractor tenure
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    • Improve speed to recruit measures
    • Achieve end-to-end process improvement
    • Quicker, easier and consistent hiring and on-boarding of resources
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    • Improve visibility of contractor workforce
    • Access to spend reporting
    • Embed measurable performance outcomes
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    • Effectively manage risk and compliance
    • Better manage engagement of sole traders
    • Improve ownership of contractor workforce

Service Inclusions:

  • Cand Pre Screen

    Candidate Screening

    • Reference checks
    • Work eligibility / Visa (VEVO system)
    • Criminal checks*
    • Insurance

  • Cand Induc

    Candidate Induction

    • Workplace health and safety induction and training
    • Workplace health and safety assessment
    • Issuing of Fair Work Act
    • Issuing of policies
  • Payroll

    Payroll Processing

    • Flexibility to pay all superannuation contributions
    • Payroll interpretation and processing
    • Contractor payment and expense processing
    • Processing of annual wage statements
    • Maintenance and remittance of payroll related requirements
    • PI, PL and workers compensation insurance
    • Payroll tax billing and remittance
  • Cand Care

    Candidate Care

    • Ongoing regular touch points by our candidate care consultants
    • Early intervention to any potential issues
    • Newsletters with industry and employment updates

  • Account Mgmt

    Account Management

    • Managing extensions of contracts and / or terminations
    • Performance management / corrective action support
    • Monthly reporting and support for ad-hoc reporting requests
    • One click timesheet approvals for hiring managers
    • Legislative updates
    • Market trends and salaries report