Tim Draffen

Director, Partner of CeoCoach-HRMCoach & Fresh Thinking, Founder of MomentumOD

Tim is a facilitator, thought leader and coach with significant experience in leading individual and organisational development.

Tim has held senior people and organisational development roles at such places as KPMG, where he was head of People Performance and Culture for the Management Consulting Division and prior to that was at Financial Synergy and BDO Australia. Interestingly, they were all businesses that consulted to other businesses and required a depth and breadth of technical and influencing skills.

Tim established his OD skills as the Manager of Culture and Strategy at the Department of Human Resources and built his love of facilitation and coaching at Embark Training, which under Tim’s guidance became the most successful RTO in Australia for its time.

Tim has been the author and delivery expert of leading edge programs and is a co-creator of the Adult Intelligence Index.

Most recently Tim has co-designed Fresh Thinking’s Mature Leaders Program, which builds skills, insights and mindsets to modernise companies and increase innovation and collaboration through their mature leaders.

Tim has insightful and knowledgeable organisational awareness and a very personal and engaging style. He is a keen observer of the latest societal trends and their effects on people and organisations and is an active surfer and stand up paddle specialist.