Megumi Miki

Culture and Leadership Author, Speaker and Consultant, Founder of Quietly Powerful

Megumi has over 20 years as an internal and external consultant to large corporations including National Australia Bank, ANZ Bank and Accenture as well as smaller for-profit, government and non-profit organisations. Her experience ranges from organisational development focusing on leadership and culture to business strategy and performance analysis. Her book, Start Inspiring, Stop Driving: Unlock your team’s potential to outperform and grow and the concepts within have helped numerous leaders find practical ways to tap into the talents within their teams and organisations.

She founded Quietly Powerful in 2016 to help quieter professionals – especially women – to succeed on their own terms and to redefine what good leadership looks like in organisations. The movement has attracted interest across Australia and globally from individuals and organisations. Key ideas can be found in her white paper, Quietly Powerful: Get your talents recognised and succeed on your own terms as a quieter professional woman.

Megumi helps leaders and organisations to challenge the status quo, outperforming and growing by unlocking potential in the culture, leadership and individuals.

  • Organisational culture – shape the organisational culture in line with the vision. The culture becomes the key driver of organisational performance and growth.
  • Leadership – build leaders who get results by inspiring, not just driving people to deliver. These leaders bring out the best from diverse talent.
  • Individuals – develop personal leadership, effectiveness and confidence by appreciating innate qualities and values and adapting purposefully.

She offers an approach to Leadership, Organisational Development and Change that taps deeply into hearts and minds while aligning to the strategic goals and implementation challenges for organisations.  This is enabled by her experience in Strategy, Economics and Business Performance Analysis earlier in her career. Her strengths in strategic, conceptual thinking, intuitive/empathic qualities and ability to synthesise and get to the core of complex issues differentiate her approach.

Megumi is passionate about empowering people and groups of people on the ‘outer’ to have a voice. Her passion is underpinned by her belief that these quieter, marginalised and/or under-recognised voices are critical for organisations to innovate and evolve in a changing, volatile world and for solving the big challenges in the world today.

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