Matt Gaffney

Director, Enindico Pty Ltd

Matt Gaffney is Director of Enindico, a practice he established in Melbourne in 2010 to help businesses and careers evolve. 

Much of Matt’s work through Enindico involves facilitation, whether it be in strategic planning sessions, one-on-one career-focused coaching workshops or Advisory Committee meetings. Enindico has a primary focus on:

  • Professional practices (such as professional services firms and law firms) and their leaders and emerging leaders 
  • Family businesses (especially those with more than one generation of the family involved and/or in branded food and beverage) and their leaders and emerging leaders 
  • People prepared to invest in their own careers

Matt has been engaged for more than 180 one-on-one career-focused coaching assignments, both organisation-sponsored and personally-commissioned. His coaching clients to date have had a breadth of specialisations and personalities, and have ranged in age from 60-somethings to just 19. Around 40% of Matt’s clients to date have been women. Before establishing Enindico, Matt was a Partner at Ernst & Young in Melbourne for five years as part of a 20-year career with leading international professional services firms. 

Matt’s Development Coaching focus with Ambition Elite Partners is emerging leaders reporting to Chief Financial Officers of listed Australian companies or to Finance Directors of Australian subsidiaries of offshore groups.

For further information or an introduction to our Ambition Elite Partners, please contact Diana Hewitson.