Dale Park - Diversity & Inclusion Consultant

Dale Park

Diversity and inclusion consultant, trainer, facilitator and keynote speaker

Dale Park is highly skilled and passionate diversity and inclusion consultant, trainer, facilitator and project manager. He promotes an asset-based, intersectional approach to diversity and is committed to embedding equity, diversity and inclusion issues at the heart of organisations and projects. Dale has extensive experience developing and implementing diversity strategies and policies that demonstrate the business case for diversity and deliver cultural change to organisations. 

Dale has excellent theoretical knowledge of equity, diversity and inclusion having successfully completed a Masters in Equality and Diversity from London Metropolitan University. He skilfully supports organisations and individuals to navigate complex theories of bias, power and inequality by using practical, accessible and engaging ways to discuss and learn about diversity.

Dale is experienced in root to branch organisational reviews and audits that identify areas for improvement and current good practice. He provides outstanding training and education programs covering a wide range of diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias topics. He believes in tailoring learning to suit the needs and interest of individuals and encouraging diversity and inclusion issues are discussed and debated rather than dictated.

In a voluntary capacity, Dale is the Co-Convenor of the Victorian Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby. In this role he represents the views and interest of the LGBTIQ community by lobby government on legislative reform, speaking at events and providing advice to state government advisory groups.