Our Diversity & Inclusion Services function has engaged over twenty professionals, known as the ‘Ambition Elite Partners’ (AEP). Each credible in their own right, the AEPs provide further support to our clients, in line with each organisations' culture and diversity goals.

These specialised services include: 
- Executive/tailored coaching·        
- Workshops (including; unconscious bias, male ambassadors of change etc.)
- Project mastery
- Financial literacy
- Personal brand
- All aspects of diversity & inclusion
- Mindfulness, health and well-being

Specific types of services available: 

On your diversity and inclusion strategy (with particular focus on sustainable change, not simply ‘activity’)

The Ambition and Watermark Teams specialise in recruitment and Executive Search. Our diversity and inclusion team draw upon their significant network of top female talent to support our teams to source and engage as required.
- Talent Mapping: Although not solely relevant to diversity we provide a range of talent mapping and market intelligence services on a needs basis.
- Education & Awareness: Diana is also available for speaking engagements, presentation, workshops, and Panel facilitation or participation.