Sharon White

Specialisation: Technology
Company Position: Head of Markets & Technology Services
Email Address: Sharon.White@ambition.com.au
Phone Number: +61 2 9249 5005

Sharon has more than 25 years of experience in the fields of Enterprise Information Management, Business Intelligence, Analytics, Retail and Supply Chain Management. Her professional services experience was gained by working for a series of software vendors, consultancy and solutions providers, value added resellers and blue chip organisations.

Sharon commenced her career in 1989 on a fast track management programme in the UK with Rank Xerox and then played pivotal roles in the European expansion of several US software organisations, where her management, sales, consultancy, and real world project experience proved invaluable.  She is an expert at running professional services businesses, responsible for delivering projects with multi-million pound budgets and exceeding customer expectations.    

As a natural facilitator, she is skilled in translating the needs of the customer into employer’s solutions and forging strong relationships that build the loyalty base of the future. A strong team player, leader by example and inspiring others towards shared goals. Sharon is driven by a personal passion for excellence, professional loyalty and a desire to innovate beyond industry best practice.