I am part of the Marketing team within Corporate Services, working on content and automation for our consultants, candidates, and clients. I’ve had the privilege of working with incredible marketing systems that help shape the way we manage relationships with our clients and candidates.

My favourite part about this job is definitely seeing how far marketing has come, and how much potential there is with the technology that is currently available. Being able to define audiences and provide them with refined and relevant content is an integral function of marketing, which is now more possible than ever. It’s nice to know that we’re sending people the stuff that actually has an impact on their recruitment experience.

I also have to mention how amazing the leadership and team here are. Everyone is so supportive, welcoming and has a great sense of humour, which makes it very easy to jump out of bed every morning.

I love to bake, especially when I have a lot on my mind, I cannot stop eating Ramen, I play social netball on weekends and I’m an avid listener of house (and other) music. You’ll normally find me with an earphone in and I’m hoping to learn how to produce my own music soon!