Nanda Prawiro

Nanda Prawiro

Specialisation: Technology & Digital
Company Position: Consultant - Brisbane
Email Address:
Phone Number: +61 7 3020 0308

My background:

So, this is how my story begins. I come from a sales background having worked for one of the largest tech companies in the world, and prior to that, I was a door to door salesman. What a journey that was! Fortunately, through that process I was able to learn to work with customers to improve their businesses, create appropriate solutions as well as understand the psychology and motivation behind it all.

Moving into recruitment was inevitable for me really, as I’ve always prided myself in delivering excellence and helping people along the way!

At Ambition, I’m able to do what I do best - which are two things. One is to provide consultation, advice, and guidance (much like I did in my previous roles) to candidates in helping them find their next role. And the second, I’m able to initiate and maintain meaningful relationships to my clients, becoming an SME in my field and providing value.

I am passionate about all things data; well rather what data can do for you. Almost everything we see around us is there because of data, it is impacting our day to day lives (and sometimes) without us realising! From gaining deep meaningful insights into the market, to shaping the how decisions are made, businesses who adopt data-driven approaches become more competitive. Through data, modern organisations can dictate, rather than adapt.

If I’m not at work, I’m spending quality time with my family, friends, and my loved ones, as they are the ones who motivate me to become a better person every day.

Roles I recruit:

I specialise in recruiting in the fields of Data, Analytics and Business Intelligence. I have a network of talented individuals and experience in recruiting the following roles:

  • Business Intelligence Analysts

  • Business Intelligence Developers

  • Data Analysts

  • Data Scientists (including Machine Learning Developers)

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Architecture

If you are looking out for your next gig or seeking to find new talent, let me help you!