My background:

Like most recruiters I know, I started my career in the industry entirely by accident under the illusion of untold wealth and happiness and endless expensive client lunches. Over 20 years later I am still chasing this dream but luckily I love doing it!!!

My first position out of University involved recruiting plumbers and electricians before being called to bright lights of London town and the cutthroat world of recruiting software developers into the investment banking industry….this experience cemented my love for chasing the before mentioned dream.

In January 2005 while trying to get to work in a Tube strike on a rainy cold day I made the life changing / slightly rash decision to move to sunny Sydney and have never looked back. It was here where I was told that “data is the new world currency” and I have spent the last 10 years working in the fascinating and everchanging world of Information Management, Analytics and BI. Over this period, I have seen the sector evolve into a critical factor for success for business and I have a keen interest in how new technologies can make an impact.

Outside of work you will find me in the Bondi bubble doing endless laps at the iceberg pool, enjoying a bottle of wine or two and embarrassingly trying to catch my Pomeranian puppy in the park. Please note, this is impossible after a bottle of wine (or two).

Roles I recruit:

  • Data Governance Professionals

  • Data Quality Professionals

  • Solution Architects / Designers

  • ETL Developers

  • Data Business Analyst

  • Data Project and Program Managers

  • Data Scientists