Meet Denham

Meet Denham

Published on 25th February 2019

With a wide range of experience within Recruitment, Denham has been working in the Brisbane Technology Team. While he has been settling into the new role, and making an impact with his work ethic we spoke to Denham to find out more about how he ticks, and what drives him in recruitment.


How did you become a recruiter?

A long history working predominantly in people facing environments within sales and business development including a B2B role working with recruitment companies whilst based in Singapore and Hong Kong, all seems to have pointed me in the right direction and landed me in Brisbane with the right team to succeed.


What drives you to recruit for technology roles? 

I have spent the past 5-10 years around global mobile technology companies and there is so much energy in this area that it has become the right fit for me. It's exciting to be recruiting in technology today, new ideas, progressive shifts and talented people.

What excites you about your future with Ambition?

I'm excited to be part of a truly awesome global team and look forward to meeting more of the team over the years and swapping a few stories and a few laughs.

What is the most interesting article you read recently regarding Technology Trends?

A really interesting article that enlightened me on the use of Edge Computing technology, which is trending for more and more businesses transitioning to the cloud. Acting like mini data centres, Edge Computing usage is expected to increase as we shift towards the use of (IoT) the Internet of Things, with the global Edge Computing market expected to reach near $7B by 2022, creating increased job demand, primarily for Software Engineers.

What is your secret talent that no one knows about?

Not quite a talent, but I can be pretty handy in the kitchen when I want to, I recently completed a very lengthy personal project, putting together a family recipe book with traditional Sri-Lankan cuisine, thanks Mum!

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