Meet Jody

Meet Jody

Published on 4th December 2018

We catch up with Jody who recently joined our Finance & Commercial Team in Sydney as a Senior Consultant, we're glad to have her join the team! We discuss why she choose Ambition, what she is working on now, and what she is aiming for in 2019.


What made Ambition the right fit for you?

I was already aware of Ambition's impressive reputation in the market and so I was intrigued to see if the reality matched the claims when I first sat down with the team. I was taken aback by how open, honest and just likable everyone was. Even on my first day everyone made sure they introduced themselves to me – even when they are in different departments! This openness has carried on and I couldn’t be happier, I joined the business at such a fantastic time.


What is your favourite part of the recruitment process and why?

I particularly enjoy making that offer call to a candidate. It is such a great feeling knowing that you have helped them secure their dream job and the next challenge in their career that is right for them.


What advice would you give candidates looking for work in your field at the moment?

Make sure you always bring your “A-game”. The market is very competitive out there and you only get one shot to impress. One easy way you can do that is to really know your experience and skills inside and out. Be prepared to fully discuss your key achievements – these skills may be what your next employer is missing in their team. This will also help with those pesky interview nerves.


What are your aims for next year within recruitment?

To keep doing what I’m doing and ensure I represent Ambitions values, but also my own.


What’s the most exciting thing you’re working on right now?

In the recruitment world – this will be building on our fabulous Ambition C&I team. In my world – definitely not a new gym regime anyways. Probably keep trying to learn how to write code.


Christmas is approaching fast what, if anything, have you ever re-gifted??

I haven’t ever re-gifted anything, except a gift bag, if that counts?