Kris Owens Finance Recruiter Melbourne

Meet Kris

Published on 27th August 2018

Kris joined our Melbourne Finance team as a Senior Consultant a couple of months ago and has already been making a great impact. We took five minutes to chat with him to find out more about his background and what drives him.

Your background:

I am originally from Scotland (I can provide a translator) and have been recruiting in the Accountancy and Finance space for the last five years, both in Australia and in the UK. Before this, I was a Personal Banking Manager with one of the top 4 banks. Finding my niche in recruitment and something I was passionate about, I joined one of the Accountancy recruitment leaders in Scotland and built up an enviable reputation as their go-to Finance Recruiter. Over the last 12 months, I have partnered with some fantastic organisations and helped them build their financial capability in Melbourne.

Your role:

I specialise in Accounting & Finance, specifically within industry and commerce. My clients range from small SME's to large multinational corporates. The roles I typically recruit for can range from Management Accountants, Finance Analysts, Finance Managers, Finance Directors and C-suite level.

What’s the best thing about your job?

Meeting amazing people and building lasting relationships. I am proud that my clients see me as a trusted Partner and I take the responsibility seriously. I also enjoy having a bit of banter with them and not taking myself too seriously.

What’s your best piece of advice to job seekers?

If you are unsuccessful in applying for a role or interview, do not let that stop you from going for another one. Find the positives and try to understand if there is a learning point from it. Often, you will find that an even better role is around the corner.

Who has inspired you and why?

This is going to sound a bit cheesy, but my mother is my biggest inspiration. She had four kids and minimal school qualifications, but she worked multiple jobs and put herself through University to realise her ambitions and never let anything hold her back. She is the strongest person I know and someone who has supported me through everything. She is now a Senior Lecturer and has had an enormous impact on hundreds of students lives. I am very proud of her and she inspires me.

What does Ambition mean to you?

Ambition means to me having the desire to grow and develop, constantly striving to get better. It means always developing and improving. I love putting myself in challenging situations and overcoming doubts.. If someone had told me 4 years ago that I would be living in Melbourne and working with one of the top recruitment companies internationally, I would have laughed at them and questioned their sanity. I think it’s about balance. My goals are to offer value and do a good job. I think if you concentrate on adding value and doing the right thing, the rewards will come. 

What clients and candidates say about Kris:

"I found Kris to be extremely helpful. He listened to exactly what I was looking for in a future opportunity and delivered in every area. Presenting the roles he felt would be best suited towards me. I’d highly recommend Kris as he kept me updated throughout the whole process, from the start right through to be placed. He made the process of finding a new role completely stress free. Thank you Kris! I’m looking forward to starting my new role." 
Jennifer Costello, Senior Management Accountant at Cheetah Digital.

"I found Kris to be an energetic/proactive and customer-centric recruitment professional. I was impressed with the focus that was placed in the initial meetings to gain a complete understanding of my recruiting needs, this enabled a very smooth process. What I also really enjoyed from Kris was his 'left of centre' thinking, this boded well with me and really helped me find two wonderful candidates. Kris seemed to find the perfect balance with his amount of communication with me, which enabled me to leave things in his capable hands. I would highly recommend Kris as a partner for your recruitment needs. You are stuck with me now Kris! " 
Luke, Senior Commercial GM of Freedom Foods

Kris is part our Melbourne Finance & Commercial Team. View Kris' full profile here.