Loraine V2

Ambition Bootcamp: Meet Loraine

Published on 3rd May 2018

We caught up with Loraine after her first full month in our Bootcamp programme.

Tell me about yourself?

I grew up in the Brazilian countryside and have always had a passion for travelling. I decided to leave South America in 2013 and wanted to settle in an English speaking country with good education facilities, a strong economy and of course, good weather. Before leaving Brazil I graduated with a Degree in International Relations and I was looking for a place to further develop my English language skills and study an MBA, which I’ve since completed in Business Administration, majoring in Marketing.

Why Ambition?

I have a background in HR, Sales and Events and I was approached by Michelle Wong for this position. What really excited me about the opportunity was the incredible company culture that Ambition has across all offices. I also wanted my next job to offer me support and training in the beginning and throughout my career and that’s what I’ve found here.

How are you finding the Bootcamp?

The first three weeks were really intense, classroom-based training with Sinead and my new Manager, Mark. It was a good mixture of reading, roleplaying and learning from senior members of the business. It was a nice, interactive way to learn as I was able to put into practice what I had read or picked up from my colleagues.  The past two weeks I’ve been at my desk and meeting candidates which is great and it’s keeping me very busy, but I’m getting lots of helpful support from my new team.

What’s been your biggest takeaway from the programme so far?

What stood out for me is how passionate everyone is about what they do and how transparent Consultants are with their candidates. Passion is a Brazilian characteristic, which fits with my personality.

What are you looking forward to most when starting the role?

I really enjoy the interview process and getting to know people and their work. I’m operating in a really exciting sector in UX/UI, so I’m meeting super creative individuals with awesome portfolios. This makes every meeting really interesting. 

What are your career aspirations?

I like interacting with people and in the future, a leadership role is something that excites me. Right now though, I’m just concentrating on doing this role well and preparing myself a strong base for success.

Do you have a life motto?

Live freely and never underestimate anyone.