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HaTCH: Making the breakthrough in Brisbane

I recently had an Easter catch-up with Relationship Manager, Daniel Belic and some hot cross buns, to discuss our latest service offering, HaTCH, specifically designed for the start-up space.

Q. Daniel, you worked in the start-up space before moving to Ambition, working with HaTCH. What prompted the move for you?

Working in an environment where great ideas come together to collaborate has been my passion since I was introduced to the community. It has, and continues to be, an incredible journey to be a part of a tech movement looking to reinvent the way we interact with the world. 

Q. What exactly is HaTCH and how are you supporting your clients?

HaTCH has been developed to meet the unique demands of the fast-growing industry of start-up ventures across APAC. We help start-ups overcome issues such as tight budgets & time constraints by providing a flexible 12-month payment solution along with brand, talent and remuneration consulting. 

Q. So, it’s much more than an initial recruitment solution then?

That's correct. Recruiting the right people for your team is only one piece of the puzzle. We provide access to a number of partnerships and exclusive accesses to resources not just in Australia, but also in Singapore and Hong Kong, ranging from Co-Working spaces, business mentors, legal aid and VC firms. We are here not just for the first step, but for your journey. Simply, your success is our success. 

Q. In your experience, what is the best feature of our HaTCH offering that start-ups find most useful and reap the rewards of?

Outside of the initial flexible payment recruitment offering, it's our ability to connect entrepreneurs with the right resources for not only their recruitment requirements but access to a vast network of support to achieve a number of goals. 

Q. Are there any trends that you’re seeing in the marketplace that make you excited about the future?

AI, Blockchain and VR technology. Their solutions, use cases and future applications are nothing short of incredible. I could talk all day about this! (and if you want to take me up on that offer I'll shout you a coffee to pick each other's brains!) 

Q. And finally, how will you be spending your Easter weekend?

With my beautiful girlfriend on the beach and hiking. And tons of pizza in between it all!! PSA: Domino's have their vegan cheese back. 20 kilos heavier, I'll see you all next week. 

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