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Achieving with Ambition: Meet Ash

Published on 14th August 2017

We took five minutes to speak with Ash, Team Leader in our Melbourne office. Ash was previously a specialist in the industry he now recruits in and he talks to us about what life is like at Ambition as he continues to Build Better Futures.

What made you join the world of recruitment and what did you do before?

I was actually an Accountant, I spent seven years in a variety of Accounting roles in both London and Melbourne. After completing my CPA, I decided that even although Accounting was challenging, it wasn’t stimulating for me. Joining the world of recruitment was a no-brainer - I already had that strong technical understanding of Accounting and a real desire to work with people, so that’s what led me here.

What skills do you think are most important to succeed in the role?

To succeed in recruitment you definitely need to be mindful of time management and the ability to prioritise; these are essential as you have to learn quickly and be adaptable, because no two days are the same. Communication is key also, as you have to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently between clients and candidates to ensure a smooth process for both. And, lastly you need a pro-active, self-starter attitude. If you’re reactive in this industry then you can miss out on a lot, which is obviously not what you want to be doing.

What are some of the key challenges you faced in the first few months in the job?

Time management was certainly a challenge for me initially. You realise straight away that in this role (and the industry overall) that to be good at your job you need to manage your time efficiently and prioritise all of your constantly changing responsibilities, all whilst juggling numerous roles. Coming from an Accounting background, this is something that I wasn’t used to and so was a massive shock to the system to start with. Another technique I’ve had to learn quickly is how to negotiate, it’s actually really enjoyable and a fantastic skill to have, but it’s certainly a challenge in the beginning if you've never had experience of it.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice before starting in the industry, what would it be? 

I think it’s essential to build your professional network as much as you can. An easy way to do so is to attend as many networking events as possible. It’s also useful to reach out to other professionals within the industry, because what that inevitably leads to is a large group of industry professionals for you to leverage off when you do enter the world of recruitment.

You have recently been promoted to a Team Leader position. How does that differ to what you were doing before?

As a Consultant, my job was to recruit roles specifically within my patch, whereas now, as Team Leader, I have responsibility for the Finance and Commercial team’s performance, on top of my own. My role now involves being strategic and looking to set the direction of my team, ensuring this fits in with the overall strategic direction of Ambition. There’s also a managerial aspect, ensuring my team is cohesive and working towards our set strategies. All this is going on whilst I remain very hands-on with recruiting mid to senior-level finance professionals across both contract and permanent markets.

What's the best part of your role?

It’s two-fold. Definitely seeing my direct team and the wider offices succeed through their hard work and celebrating that with them. I also enjoy working with the Senior Executive and Leadership team to both create and execute on Ambition’s strategies.

What’s is your team like?

In a word, great! I currently have three Consultants in my team; one covering junior to mid-level permanent (who’s also an ex Accountant), one covers junior to mid-level contracting and another covering the not-for-profit desk, which is also really unique. The guys work really hard and we’re really collaborative which is fantastic. On top of that, we’ve also got two Markets Executive who are purely focused on business development and account management to ensure the Consultants are always working on live roles, which is great. We’re energetic, diverse and really look out for each other.

What is life like at Ambition?

It’s great, it’s fantastic. Ambition has an excellent culture and we’ve got fantastic people who are all on the same wavelength, this is driven from the top down and very evident in the office. We all look forward to coming to work and that’s obviously a rarity in today’s workplaces. At Ambition, we work hard but we also play hard and we really enjoy celebrating each other’s successes. We’re a close-knit bunch and enjoy each other’s company both inside and outside of the office!